Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reportedly Using 1GB Of Data Per Game

After each match, the game client is said to utilize between 305Mb and 900Mb of data, as first mentioned by @NicmeistaR. This raised concerns because a player’s data cap could be accidentally exceeded in a single night by playing the game for a few hours.


In response to this, @HaloSupport Twitter said: “The team is investigating reports of #HaloInfinite downloading extra data after multiplayer matches. An improvement for this issue will be included in August’s Drop Pod update.”

Players who are encountering high usage are unclear if the issue will be addressed as quickly as possible. What is producing such a huge increase in data is likewise unknown. Some users noted the significant data increase occurring just a few minutes after the game started before anything could have been recorded. Some people hypothesized that it was the game trying to save the replay footage of the match.

Numerous problems, some of which have plagued Halo Infinite for months, are currently plaguing the game. Because 343 has devoted attention to other areas, a problem with “desync” that has persisted has not yet been resolved. Due to synchronization problems between the game client and match servers, melee attacks sometimes fail to connect because the client and server believe different players are in different locations.

The recurring problems have bothered the player base to a greater extent. The game’s online co-op mode is scheduled to launch at “the end of August,” according to a development update from 343 published in April. The problems should be fixed as soon as possible so that gamers may access the newest in-game content.


Muhammad Zuhair

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