Hacker Runs Doom on a Tractor

We’ve seen the 1993 hit videogame Doom run on ATMs, fridges, calculators and pregnancy tests at this point but have you ever seen the videogame run on a tractor? One guy took it upon himself to run the beloved videogame and took things to a whole other level. He decided to port Doom into, guess what, a John Deere Tractor.

Doom came to the video game world sometime in 1993, and nobody had a clue as to what sort of impact it would have on the video game industry. Doom, along with Wolfenstein 3D, pretty much jumpstarted the era of first-person shooter games that are still relevant and readily being pumped out to this day.

Even today, people still enjoy the classic 1993 Doom as Steam has now added the simple yet groundbreaking id Software’s games as a bundle. Perhaps what still attracts fans and gamers towards this old relic of a video game and keeps it in the spotlight is not only the vast number of mods and games being pumped out for Doom, but it’s also the ways people can port it and play it.

Guy Gets Doom Running on a Tractor?

Skilful hacker Sick Codes has followed the trend of porting Doom to absurd devices to the next level. It’s been reported by Wired that the Australian coder managed to jailbreak the computer system of a John Deere tractor, allowing farmers to modify and customize their own equipment. This was shown off at DefCon in Las Vegas over the weekend.

This has not only shed light on consumers’ right to repair their products and purchase, but it seems as though Sick Code did what anyone else would do when they’d successfully hacked something. Port Doom to the device. An image was posted to Reddit that shows off the game on the tractor’s display.

Guy Doom tractor
Doom running successfully on a John Deere Tractor Computer System | Reddit

John Deere tractors are pretty popular. They’ve even appeared in the Farm Simulator games and are among the most famous brands in the agricultural machinery world. However, most wouldn’t think they’d make a great substitute for a gaming console, or first-person shooters.

But having demonstrated over the course of nearly three decades, it’s entirely possible to get the original Doom up and running on just about anything.

There are tons of strange devices that Doom has been ported to. We’ve seen Doom ported to a treadmill if you want to game while getting some cardio in, and you could get it running on a smartwatch to play Doom on the go.

If you like to inhale flavoured smoke and enjoy some games on to go, then you could take some hits on a vape pen while playing Doom. Fans have also ported the iconic game to the iPod Touch and even the now-obselete Touch Bar on the Macbook Pro.

Doom running on a MacBook Pro Touch Bar | Adam Bell

There’s also been an instance of a modder coding Doom and getting it up and running inside of Minecraft. Clearly, this timeless game has a charm and appeal that makes the iconic FPS ideal for installing on anything that was not officially intended to run Doom. It makes you think what people will port Doom onto next.

As for Doom itself, it took id Software tons of attempts before their games would have a significant impact on the gaming industry. John Remora stated that Doom was his 90th game. He had already spent many years putting in the work on numerous projects before the ball started rolling for the first-person shooter genre. In here, there’s a lesson to be learned. Developers shouldn’t give up on their dreams.

Doom was released in December 1993 for numerous platforms and has been ported over to multiple systems over the course of years.

So, what are fans going to port Doom onto next? Will you run Doom on a tractor too now? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye! 


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