GUNNIR Unveils its Second Intel Arc A380 GPU in its “Index” Lineup

The debut of GUNNIR’s second Intel Arc A380 custom graphics card, dubbed INDEX, which has a more power-efficient design, has been disclosed. The details surfaced on the Chinese website Weibo.

Image: GUNNIR via Videocardz

The first custom Intel Arc A380 design was unveiled by Chinese AIB GUNNIR. It seems they are releasing a new graphics card today that will be a member of the “INDEX” family, a series that previously only included the earlier Iris Xe Max Index V2 graphics card. Their Arc A380 Photon was the first aftermarket graphics card centred on the DG2 Alchemist GPU.

The GUNNIR Intel Arc A380 INDEX will have the same features as the standard model, including a quad display output array with three DisplayPorts and one HDMI port, a total of 8 Xe cores or 1024 ALUs, a clock speed of 2000 MHz, and 6GB of GDDR6 memory operating across a 96-bit bus interface at 15.5 Gbps speeds. The GUNNIR Photon and GUNNIR Index vary primarily because the Index lacks power connections due to its TBP of 75W. The GPU will thus get all of its power needs from the PCIe slot.

Specifications of the Gunnir Index Arc A380 | Image: GUNNIR

The card lacks the more upscale aesthetics, such as the RGB lights, that the Photon has in terms of design. It still has a dual-slot form factor with a dual-fan cooling system, and it still has excellent aesthetics for the price. The card should fit nicely into SFF PC designs since the PCB has a 2+1 phase design.

Currently, Photon(1299 RMB) is more expensive than The Index, advertised at 1199 RMB (172 USD). It is now in stock and shipping to consumers, as stated in the advertisement. Consequently, this is the third customised Arc A380 made available, but not everywhere. Sadly, there has been no indication of a more robust Arc A5/A7 graphics card from GUNNIR.


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