GUNNIR Unveils Stunning Custom Models For Intel Arc GPU Lineup

GUNNIR is without a doubt Intel’s preferred AIB for their Arc graphics cards, and as a result, they have some of the most attractive Arc A770 & Arc A750 designs available for today’s official launch.

A total of five new graphics cards from GUNNIR’s Photon and FLUX families are being released today. Two Arc A770 and three Arc A750 models are among them. The Arc A770 and Arc A750 from GUNNIR will have a fully non-reference PCB and cooler design, continuing the trend of supplying custom graphics cards at launch that began with the Arc A380. Certainly, Intel’s Limited Edition model is attractive, but those who desire more can choose from the FLUX and Photon series. 

Image: Arc A770 FLUX B

There will be four variations of the Intel Arc FLUX series from GUNNIR, each of which has a factory overclock. The variations vary only in colour, with two being black (“Flux K“) and two being blue (“Flux B“).

After receiving two years of 2.5 and 3-slot cards, both are incredibly gorgeous with a glossy matte finish, and the triple fan design in a 2-slot compact is really aesthetically pleasing. All cards, including the A770 and A750, have a twin 8-pin design, although the Limited Edition by Intel has an 8+6-pin connector arrangement. 

Image: Arc A770 Flux K

The GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 is also available in a somewhat scaled-down Photon custom design. Although it still has the triangle RGB accent plate on the side and the dual-slot, triple-fan design from the Flux series, it does not have the RGB accent strip. 

Image: ARC A750 Photon 

On Chinese, all five versions are currently available, and Videocardz was able to round up the pricing as follows: 

  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 FLUX B (Blue) 8G OC: 2799 RMB (2699 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 FLUX K (Black) 8G OC: 2799 RMB (2699 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 FLUX B (Blue) 8G OC: 2699 RMB (2599 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 FLUX K (Black) 8G OC: 2699 RMB (2599 RMB sale)
  • GUNNIR Intel Arc A750 Photon 8G OC: 2599 RMB (2499 RMB sale) 

Although the costs are slightly higher than Intel’s proposed MSRP, it should be noted that they also include local taxes and, like with the GUNNIR Intel Arc A380, are comparable to the MSRPs established by the company for the Asia Pacific market.


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