GUNNIR’s Intel Arc A770 8GB Overclocked To 3GHz, Stable Clocks Around 2.65GHz

Intel’s Arc A770 has hit the shelves, although we have not seen that many custom AIB models as of now. The Arc A770 features 2 variants, the Limited Edition with 16GB of memory and the AIB variants with 8GB of memory. Expreview tested GUNNIR’s custom Intel Arc A770 8GB and overclocked it to show Arc’s potential.

The GUNNIR Intel Arc A770

Starting off with the specifications, the Arc A770 from GUNNIR ships with 8GB of memory. This is 2x less than what the Limited Edition directly from Intel features. Interestingly, the memory in GUNNIR’s A770 is clocked at 16Gbps, which is lower than the Limited Edition’s 17.5Gbps. For power delivery, the GPU features 2*8 pin-connectors.

Aside from that, the GPU clocks at 2.4GHz. This is a 300MHz uplift from the Limited Edition variant. 


While testing, the GPU maintained the 2.4GHz clock speed most of the time if not always. 

GUNNIR’s Arc A770 Clock Speeds | expreview

The clock speeds are directly influenced by the temperature which remains at a cool 67C. This shows the effective cooling solution that GUNNIR’s design offers.

GUNNIR’s Arc A770 Temperature | expreview

As for the power consumption metrics, the GPU consumes no more than 329W which is way higher than the specified TDP. The idle power remains between 44-56W meaning that there is a slight issue either with the testing or Intel’s drivers.

GUNNIR’s Arc A770 Power Consumption | expreview

Breaching the 3.0GHz Barrier

Expreview mentioned that they managed to overclock the A770 past 3GHz. However, it was not stable and the highest ‘stable’ clock was around 2.65GHz as shown by the image below. 

GUNNIR’s Arc A770 OC | expreview

Here are the official specifications for GUNNIR’s Arc A770 FLUX 8GB OC. 

ModelGUNNIR Intel Arc A770 FLUX 8G OC
Core ArchitectureXe-HPG
Process NodeTSMC 6nm
Xe-Core Count32
RT Unit Count32
Memory Speed16Gbps
Memory TypeGDDR6
Memory Capacity8GB
Memory Width256-bit
Video InterfaceHDMI 2.0*1
DisplayPort 2.0*3
Power supply interface8+8Pin
Bus InterfacePCI-E 4.0 x16
Heat Sinkicicle multi-dimensional cooling system
Physical Dimensions300*125*51mm
Suggested Price2699 yuan

(Specs via expreview)


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