NVIDIA GTX 2080 Found, RTX Was a Last Minute Addition

We have found the most powerful GTX GPU from NVIDIA.

Recently, over at r/nvidia, user u/ascendance22 has found an alleged ‘GTX 2080‘. Yes I wrote that correctly. NVIDIA reportedly planned to release the Turing/Ampere series under the GTX brand.

The RTX 20 lineup was announced back in August, 2018. A jump from GTX 1000 to RTX 2000 was sort of unexpected nomenclature wise. We never really did get the GTX 1180. NVIDIA, in an effort to promote their new RTX capable GPUs ditched the decade(s) old GTX branding.

GTX 2080 Pictured | u/ascendance22

The user mentions that this ES variant was up for sale over at Ebay for around $360. Everything is same, apart from the logo. 

As expected, this GPU also supports ray-tracing and DLSS capabilities. This clearly shows that RTX was merely an add-on in terms of naming. Such samples are extremely rare to find, being produced in early stages of manufacturing and mostly disposed off if plans change. 

GTX 2080 Logo | u/ascendance22

Some mention that the GTX branding was supposedly better. NVIDIA could have used GTX 3090 RT for their naming. Although weird, it might have made sense if utilized. All in all, the user uploaded the BIOS for this model. The power consumption is rather low, so maybe NVIDIA might have sold these to a specific group of miners. 

Would you prefer the GTX branding your RT-capable GPU? Tell us in the comments.

Source : Reddit Post


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