GTX 1660Ti Pricing Revealed, This Can Be The Next Go To Budget Card for Gamers

With stocks for the GTX 10 series nearing depletion across the globe, Nvidia has decided to christen the GTX series with a new GTX 16 card. The new card comes as a surprise because it’s not quite understood yet where Nvidia is going with the figure 16 behind the new line-up. Furthermore, the CUDA core count is low considering the price that Nvidia is quoting for the new cards. But, on the up-side, the card has been christened with the Turing architecture by the graphics overlords. However, minus the Ray Tracing, guess that’s an RTX exclusive. Though, without RTX, the price should be more towards what we originally expected from the RTX series.

The Card

The card is called the GTX 1660Ti. It features 1536 CUDA cores and 6GB of DDR6 graphics memory. Though the memory is no different, the CUDA cores are much less than the amount found on the RTX 2060. Here is a graph to better demonstrate the difference between the upcoming card and what is already in-store.

Courtesy: VideoCardz

Furthermore, the card will be using a TU116 graphics processor rather than the TU106 found in the RTX 2060. the change in architecture leads us to believe that this card means to enter the series somewhere between the old GTX 1060 and the new RTX 2060. If that truly is the case then perhaps this is just a line of defense that Nvidia is setting up for the upcoming Navi cards. But again, at $270, this card does not win many favors and is not exactly a preference buy for many gamers just yet.

We cannot confirm when you can expect to see this card on the shelves but speculation suggests that it will come as a replacement to the GTX 1060 stock once that completely depletes. So, as usual, here’s to waiting with a grain of salt on the tongue.

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GTX 1660Ti Pricing Revealed, This Can Be The Next Go To Budget Card for Gamers

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