NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1630 Release Put on “To Be Determined” Status & RTX 40 Series Launches Delayed by One Month

The next-generation of desktop graphics cards is right around the corner. Both AMD and NVIDIA, but also Intel, are ready to unleash their latest tools of visual fidelity onto the world. The RTX 40-series is arguably the most anticipated out of the three lineups launching later this year, due to its (rumored) monstrous power requirements and, consequently, otherworldly performance thresholds.

That being said, right before we jump to NVIDIA’s next-gen GPUs, there is still one last SKU the company wishes to launch. The GeForce GTX 1630 is still in the oven at NVIDIA. Once released, this will be the company’s very-first GTX x30 model. Previously, we’ve seen the likes of GT 1030 and GT 730 but never a GTX product with the x30 SKU. Regardless, the GTX 1630 is set to replace the GTX 1050 Ti and should cost less than $190 USD.

GTX 1630 mockup render | Videocardz

GTX 1630 delayed

The card was originally rumored to launch at the end of May, then it got delayed to mid-June. However, the latest reports suggest that it has been delayed yet again. According to Videocardz, NVIDIA, just days before the supposed launch of the GPU, has issued a new letter to board partners informing them of a change in release schedules.

Apparently, this letter contained an updated desktop embargo for the GTX 1630, in which the new embargo date is listed as “TBD” (to be determined), as you can see below. Let it be clear that GTX 1630 “GTMK” (Go To Market Kit) has already been delivered to the AIBs on May 31st. On the basis of which the board partners have developed first designs that are being validated right this moment. 

GeForce GTX 1630 Embargo Schedule | NVIDIA via Videocardz

So, as you could guess, now the board partners are waiting on NVIDIA to reschedule the card’s release and update them accordingly. While that’s going on on the side, Videocardz was actually able to confirm an early rumor pertaining to a delay in the launch of RTX 40-series GPUs.

RTX 40-series delays confirmed

Wccftech broke the news earlier this week that all three RTX 40 GPUs launching in the following months have received a one-month delay each. Videocardz double-checked this rumors with their own sources and are now confident in reiterating that RTX 40-series has, indeed, been hit with these delays. Therefore, the new release date for RTX 4000 cards are as follows:

RTX 4070: August → September

RTX 4080: September → October

RTX 4090: October → November

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor, despite the fact that the sources on display here are credible. There is still a chance that NVIDIA decides to launch these cards based on their original schedule. After all, the GPU market is wildly unpredictable right now and no one can foresee even the next month.

Videocardz also mentions that due to this uncertainty in the GPU industry, the current incentive has shifted from profit maximization to inventory management. Or, in simple words, NVIDIA wants to sell as many RTX 30-series GPUs as possible before it launches the next generation. 

As such, we can expect price cuts across the board (no pun intended) with all AIBs and variants. NVIDIA has not said a word about a reduction in prices but with how rapidly the market has witnessed a U-turn from scalper prices to reasonable offers, it almost seems imminent. 


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