GTX 1150 Ti or RTX 2050? Guess We’ll Find Out

With all the Christmas cheer around, Nvidia has a present for you. The holiday ghosts of Christmas past may have scared Scrooge, but it seems they can’t get a scream out of Nvidia who has even more to give in their GTX lineup. We recently covered that the company plans on launching a new GTX 1160 card alongside their RTX one in January. Today we’re telling you that there’s more in store where that came from.

Geekbench database shows published scores for what is essentially the new GTX1150 Ti/ RTX 2050. The reason we can’t give an exact name to this card is because no name or brochure has surfaced. For the time being, our deduction is based off the performance figures and compute units of the card.

The “RTX 2050” against the RTX 2060

Picture Credit: APISAK

Graphics Performance

With just under half the compute cores of the 2060, that’s about 896 CUDA cores. We expect that this card should be about as much better than it’s predecessor as the RTX 2060 is from the GTX 1060. That would place it somewhere slightly above territory of the current GTX 1060. Both Geekbench score 1 and 2 makes for an interesting read, should you want to check them out (Credit to Komachi for the links).


It’s hard to say whether this card with it’s 4GB of VRAM and 1.56 GHz clock will be featuring any RT or Tensor cores. Furthermore, the clock speed tells us that this card is still utilizing GDDR5 memory. Though Nvidia does understand what the word “budget” means, it’s hard to say how well that translates into any form of ray tracing. The most likely scenario at the moment is that instead of trying for ray tracing on this card, Nvidia would either reduce the size of the die and make for a smaller PCB or would utilize the extra die space for some more cores.

It is also possible that Nvidia would manipulate the Ti name and save the die space for what could be 16 or more extra cores to give to that variant of the card. Whatever Nvidia does plan on doing with the card, the other issue that comes to mind is the naming of this card.

The Name

AMD has been no slouch when it’s come to graphics cards. With the latest successful Polaris refresh on the RX 590, AMD is still in the green with this architecture. Not to mention their very anticipated Navi GPU’s coming soon.

That being said, Nvidia will have to be very careful about where this card stands in terms of performance-per-dollar and how it will fit between their current lineup as well as AMD’s offerings. From what we know, all we can say is that this is some exciting news and that 2019 is looking mighty bright in the world of Computers and tech in general.

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