Fan Uploads Concept of Iconic GTA San Andreas Scene on the Unreal Engine 5

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is, without a doubt, the most popular entry into the GTA Franchise. It revolutionized the gaming industry so much as GTA 3 did. The game featured a bigger and more expansive open world, a numerous selection of cars, and an iconic story that had its high and low points. Paying homage to the San Andreas, a fan of the series recreated an iconic scene from the game on the Unreal Engine 5 as a fan concept.

We’ve always wanted a remake of GTA San Andres featuring next-gen visuals, but that won’t be happening any time soon or this decade, for that matter. Rockstar is busy developing the next iteration of the series, GTA VI, which might be coming out towards the mid or the end of this console generation cycle, and we already have the abysmal GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy.

GTA San Andreas Concept for the Unreal Engine 5

Rockstar released a GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy that featured a terrible launch. The definitive edition of San Andreas, akin to the other titles in the mix featured a cartoony art style with some character models looking just straight up ridiculous and out of an android-phone-game advertisement.

The draw distance was maxed out, which sounds like a good thing, but in implementation, it made the game world feel small due to the lack of GTA San Andreas’s iconic fog.

So, fans are taking it upon themselves to re-create their own version of GTA San Andreas, whether it be on an entirely different engine or on the same old RenderWare engine. One fan went the extra mile to recreate an iconic scene from GTA San Andreas on the Unreal Engine 5.

Recreation of GTA San Andreas Big Smoke’s Order Scene in Unreal Engine 5

In this video we are going to imagine GTA San Andreas Remake, A great nostalgic game that we need now in next gen graphics, we tried to use all the power and features of Unreal Engine 5 to recreate this such as Lumen, Nanite, Ray Tracing and Metahuman to Create CJ, Big Smoke, Ryder and Sweet.

If you’re wondering which scene I’m exactly talking about, it’s the iconic Clukin Bell scene where Big Smoke places his order.

“I’ll have two number nines, a number nine large, a number six with extra dip, a number seven, two number forty fives, one with cheese and a large soda.” – Big Smoke

TeaserPlay has made fan concepts for GTA San Andreas before. Earlier this year, they released a fan-made trailer for the game in Unreal Engine 5, which looked incredible in regards to the environmental detail and overall graphical fidelity. It truly looked better than GTA V, if we’re being honest.

TeaserPlay’s now made another concept for GTA V on the Unreal Engine 5. Although the visuals look stunning, with the added bokeh, the ray-traced lighting, high-resolution textures, detailed car model, and incredible shadows, there are still caveats that need to be discussed. 

The character models look a bit outdated and blocky, with their facial features looking not so next-gen except for CJ. And if you take a closer look, their heads don’t go well with their body structure either. Sweet, in particular, looks a bit off, as his shoulders seem non-existent.

And well, Ryder just doesn’t look like the gangsta we remember. Big Smoke looks true to the original, but his glasses seem to clip through his skin, which I don’t think glasses do in real life.

Another problem with this fan trailer is that Big Smoke and the gang are placing an order at Cluckin Bell, but outside, it says on a big neon sign, “PIZZA”. We also noticed a pole clipping through a cloth shade, which might have been overlooked.

It’s a walk-in fast food restaurant similar to what you’d see in Brooklyn or New York. It’s no drive-through, for that matter, either. It’s a decent fan concept that showcases the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, but it’s not an accurate fan concept. But those are some nit-picks from a GTA fan.

gta san andreas fan concept unreal engine 5
Sweet looking not so well as he’s talking to CJ in the fan concept | TeaserPlay

Otherwise, it’s a great Unreal Engine 5 GTA concept that showcases what the game could look like if players rebuild the game from the ground up on the engine. While it sounds like a difficult task, we never know with the GTA and gaming community as fans have ported older GTA games to the RAGE engine.

While GTA San Andreas hasn’t been remade from the ground up, the game has been remastered alongside GTA III and Vice City in the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy.

At launch, the game left out a lot to be desired and disappointed a hyped gaming community that was expecting games with more side-content, polished gameplay, overhauled animations, and visuals, but all we got were some fancy environmental assets thrown in, better textures, numerous bugs, goofy looking character models with no changes made to the base games whatsoever.

gta san andreas fan concept unreal engine 5
The gang preparing to shoot some Ballas towards the end of the fan concept scene | TeaserPlay

But it didn’t end there. Players noticed clipping through the game world and textures and abysmal performance on PC. The game lacked any meaningful updates along the way. What’s treacherous is that Rockstar decided to outsource the game to a small developer by the name of Grove Street Games.

Some players wanted to go back to the original trilogy but Rockstar delisted them. Later Rockstar apologized for the uninspired GTA Trilogy and relisted the original games on Rockstar. In addition, players that paid for the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy got the original trilogy of games for free.

The GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy was a big low for Rockstar Games and it disappointed not only the gaming community but other insiders in the gaming industry that were awaiting an awesome experience. Hopefully, Rockstar fixes the game with the recently leaked upcoming update for the title that was revealed on SteamDB.

The update is set to span across all three games. Rockstar has been quiet about the update and for general updates for the trilogy ever since it was released, so hopefully, we’ll get some well-needed fixes for problems and glitches that are still rampant.

Fortunately, fans are not giving up on their favorite titles, as people still make GTA San Andreas fan concepts, content, mods, and fan art to this day. Whether it be speed runs, Youtube Parodies, Graphical Fidelity mods, or the lively GTA SA MP community, the title is still alive and well even after nearly two decades.

GTA San Andreas was released on October 26, 2004, and is currently available for the PS2, Xbox, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S

So, what do you think about the GTA San Andreas fan concept? Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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