GTA Online Weekly Update Features Races and the Drauger

It’s official, Rockstar is coming out with a new weekly update, and it’s featuring some new and exciting races along with the release of the Drauger for GTA Online!

Players get to revisit the Cayo Perico Heist Event’s Island, which is known to be El Rubio‘s stronghold. But instead of performing espionage, players will get to enjoy driving across the Island in 10 new different races. 

GTA Online Update: Races, Discounts, and the Drauger

The information was provided by the reliable tipster and leaker Tez2, who had taken to Twitter to unveil all of the new races, events, and features that will take off in GTA Online this week.

The Cayo Perico races have officially been released at the time of writing this post for GTA Online and are available for all players to enjoy.

The races are pretty varied as you’ll get to race not only on land vehicles but in the sea and in the air, which is a welcome addition to GTA Online.

Players will get the chance to participate in 4 Land races and 1 Bike Race. In addition, users will get to enjoy 2 stunt races along with 1 sea race. You’ll also get to race airplanes in 2 Air races.

Along with it, players will be able to purchase the all-new sleek and stylish off-road vehicle, the Drauger, which can house 4 players at a time. The Drauger is available for purchase for the steep price of 1.4 million to 1.87 million dollars.

It’s not cheap, but it looks pretty awesome, and there are probably loads of customization options available for it over at Los Santos Customs and Hao’s Workshop. If you obtain the new ride, you’ll get the Grey Yeti Cap along with new clothing that’ll be available soon this week.

But that’s not all. Players will also get a chance to participate in a brand new event for GTA Online. You can now gain access to the Buried Stashes event. Players have been promised some sweet rewards for finding the buried stashes but jumpstarting the event isn’t all that easy. You’ll have to first find the Metal Detector Random Event to start things off.

GTA Online
The Island where the Cayo Perico Races Happen | GTA BOOM

To add to the exciting news, players will be able to enjoy some pretty exciting discounts on many desirable vehicles in GTA Online. You’ll also get discounts for select items as well. You can now get as much as 40 percent off on Bunkers and 30 Percent off on Special Cargo Warehouses

You’ll also get an additional 50 percent off Smoking Jackets and expect upwards of 30 percent off on throwable items as well as ammunition.

The Grotti Carbonizzare Sports is getting a discount from its original price of 195,000 dollars to the low price of just 78,000 dollars.

If you were in town looking to purchase the Shitzu Defiler Motorcycle but couldn’t scrape enough cash, now you can, as the price has gone down from 412,000 dollars to just 206,000 dollars.

The Pfister 811 has dropped from its 1,135,000 dollars price to a mere 567,500 dollars.

The Enus Super Diamond, modeled after the Rolls Royce Phantom, has gone from 250,000 dollars to just 125,000 dollars. And there are a whole lot more cars that are now worth half their original price.

New players will likely benefit from these discounts as they’ll be able to purchase bunkers, cargo spaces, and cars early on in addition. Players will get the chance to enjoy new races on the Cayo Perico Island.

And that’s pretty much it for the new GTA Online Update on Appuals. Are you excited about these GTA Online discounts, or were you expecting something different? Let us know in the comments below, and tune in next time for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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