GTA Online Gets the Declasse Scramjet and Remixes Hunting Pack Adversary Moded

This week on Rockstar’s GTA Online, a unique rocket car has been added, Hunting Pack mode returns with a twist, and players can avail a flurry of discounts on cars and air vehicles. The Avenger and Akula air vehicles have received two new liveries and the reworked Adversary game mode features double RP and GTA$.

Declasse Scramjet

One of the more classier cars added to GTA Online, the Declasse Scramjet features good looks without compromising on performance. As a result of its aerodynamic body and turbo boost, this vehicle leaves competitors like the Rocket Voltic in the dust. The Declasse Scramjet is available on Warstock Cash and Carry for a whopping $4,628,400.

Hunting Pack Remix

The original Hunting Pack adversary mode featured a heavy armored vehicle rigged with explosives that explodes if it drops below a certain speed. Players on the opposing team were tasked with ramming the vehicle in order to slow it down below the threshold. The Defenders must work together to protect the Runner from the Attackers, only this time the new car is part of the game mode. Rockstar states that they have more reworks and remixes of adversary game modes planned in the coming weeks.

Hunting Camo Livery

As mentioned before, two air vehicles, the Mammoth Avenger and the Buckingham Akula, have received new paintjobs called the Hunting Camo. Players who log in before August 28th will earn themselves the new skins permanently for free.

Hunting Camo

Double Nightclub Popularity, Cash and RP

Players who participate in Hunting Pack Remix will be rewarded with twice the normal amount of cash and RP. Moreover, Nightclub owners will receive a boost on Nightclub Popularity allowing them to level up their club twice as fast.


As is the case with every weekly update, new items on the store are on discount. A bunch of land vehicles, including the Vapid Caracara and Progen GP1, are on a 30% discount. For those who have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to grab themselves an Avenger, now is the perfect time, as the big aircraft, along with the Akula, are 30% off.

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