GTA Online Gets a Vehicle Armed with a .50 Cal Minigun Called the HVY Menacer

This week on GTA Online, Rockstar has added a new vehicle aimed for those who prefer destruction over speed. The HVY Menacer is now available in GTA Online and players can unlock two skins for the new vehicle for free. New discounts are available on a bunch of vehicles and aircrafts, and the new Hunting Pack Remix adversary mode receives some love.

HVY Menacer

Starting off with the latest addition to the game, the HVY Menacer is a behemoth. Described as a ‘war machine’, the HVY Menacer can be purchased from Warstock Cash and Carry for $1,775,000. The armored vehicle seats five people at once and can take a beating thanks to its tough armor platings.

“The tools may change, but the good old-fashioned thrill of the hunt stays the same. Your pioneer forebears were marksmen: you drive an armored war machine onwheels,” says the official vehicle description. They could strip their rifle blindfolded: your mechanic can fit a top-mounted .50 cal minigun and front facing machine guns.”

For those who do not like the black and yellow paint job of the Menacer, they can unlock two liveries for free. By logging in before September 3rd, players will be rewarded the Blue Tartan & Orange Shade Camo liveries for the HVY Menacer.

Hunting Pack Remix

Earlier this week, Rockstar released a reworked version of Hunting Pack adversary mode. Upon release, the game mode offered players double RP and cash. Now, Rockstar has extended the bonuses for the new adversary mode until September 3rd.


With such high priced items in stores, Rockstar offers weekly discounts to make some of them seem affordable. This week, several cars and aircrafts, including the Overflod Autarch, the Pegassi Reaper, and the Mammoth Thruster jetpack, are 30% off. Aircraft facilities and a variety of other planes can also be purchased at a lower price.

Vehicle upgrades, including liveries, resprays, armor, engine, and turbo upgrades, are all 25% off. For the full list of discounted items, check out the official Rockstar post.

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