GTA Online Dispatch Services bring new missions, new cars, double RP and GTA$

The latest addition to GTA Online is Martin Madrazo’s Dispatch Services. Unique new missions as well as two new cars have been added. Additionally, from now till June 4th, certain deeds in GTA Online will reward players with double GTA$ and RP.

Dispatch Services

Martin Madrazo, the notorious drug cartel leader, now gives out new contact missions. The post by Rockstar reads, “Infiltrate LSPD holding cells or launch an assault on Merryweather HQ as you seek to silence a few names on Madrazo’s hit list.”

New Vehicles

Alongside Dispatch Services, two new vehicles have been added to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos catalog.

Rune Cheburek

“Don’t be fooled by a lick of paint and polish: under the showroom finish, the RUNE Cheburek is a lump of smelted down iron curtain that’s been hastily recast for the glories of the free market. If it doesn’t scratch that itch for the good old days of the Cold War, nothing will.”

The Rune Cheburek will set you back $145,000.

Lampadati Michelli

“The Lampadati Michelli GT is a Sports Classic from the golden age of deregulation— when power steering was as strange a concept as emissions testing.”

The Michelli GT costs $1,225,000.

Double GTA$ and RP

Until June 4th, a number of activities in GTA Online will grant double RP and GTA$.

  • Madrazo Dispatch Services
  • Motor Wars
  • Trap Door Adversary Mode
  • Smuggler’s & Gunrunning Sell Missions

Additionally, bunker research speed will have a 2x speed boost.


As is the case with almost every Rockstar update, a multitude of items are currently having discounts. Bunkers and renovations will be 40% off and players can purchase Hangars and workshops for half-price. 

  • Pegassi Opressor – 25% off
  • Mobile Operations Center Cabs – 35% off
  • Pegassi Tezeract – 25% off
  • Vapid Ellie – 25% off
  • Progen Tyrus – 25% off
  • Buckingham Volatus – 40% off
  • Nagasaki Havoc – 40% off
  • Western Rogue – 40% off
  • V-65 Molotok – 40% off

Next Tuesday, Rockstar will bring seven new Transform Races into GTA Online. 

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