GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update is Out Now!

The Criminal Enterprises update for Rockstar’s GTA Online is finally out for all platforms, and it adds a plethora of missions, a storyline around the IAA and oil prices, new vehicles, and even weapons.

Nightclub owners can manage their businesses with the aid and cooperation of Tony Prince. Gunrunners get access to new resupply missions. You can call up Agent 14 to boost your research and even secure a contract with Ammu-Nation.

Operation Paper Trail features a new storyline where you work alongside Agent ULP to investigate the FIB and the Duggans that are believed to rig the prices of oil. Players will get access to new storyline missions.

Business computers can now be accessed in private sessions, which allow you to source and sell missions without the fear of a competitive market. You can also buy max ammo in one go and hot swap armor, and perform emergency aid through the weapon wheel.

You also get new cars like the Stirling GT, Pegassi Zentorno, and the Grotti Turismo R. GTA+ members will get a free sports car, the Lampadati Corsita. In addition, players will get a 50-percent bonus on GTA$ and RP for the Paper Trail Missions. Players will also get double GTA$ and RP for Paper Trail, Resupply, or Source mission till August 3.

Read the rest about the Criminal Enterprises update here.

So, are you excited about the Criminal Enterprises update? Hope on to GTA Online to experience the update and its features. When you’re done, check out Appuals for future GTA Online updates.


Naseer Abbas
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