GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update Set For July 26

It appears no one is safe from the record-breaking gas prices and the blistering summer heat, as these are the themes being discussed for Rockstar’s upcoming GTA Online update called the Criminal Enterprises Update.

 The Update is set for July 26, where it discusses that Gas Prices have spiked to their highest levels in decades, retail supply chains are in turmoil, and to top it off, a ferocious heatwave is gripping the state. The GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update is garnering a lot of attention, as it’s been a while since Rockstar has poked fun at political and current affairs.

This nightmare not only affects GTA Online Characters in the upcoming story update, but it’s also been affecting us significantly in the real world a lot harsher. All these digital criminals in GTA Online are pretty well off with millions of dollars in their pockets. They never have to fill up their cars, and the only time they suffer a heatstroke is when a Rail Gun pops their heads off. 

But jokes aside, the climate crisis, as well as the record prices of gasoline, are the centers of attention of the new Update, which adds a plethora of new missions, features, vehicles, and expansions to your criminal empires in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Update.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update Details

The Rockstar Update states, “The profits from soaring gas prices all s seem to be flowing one way into the pockets of the most notorious oil-rich Dynasty in the Los Santos area.”

“The IAA smells a criminal conspiracy – Agent ULP will be in touch with the new Operation Paper Trail, commissioning 1-4 players as sworn-in agents to investigate the local petrochemical magnates, The Duggans, to see if they’re the invisible hand behind spiraling oil prices.”

That seems a tad bit ironic since GTA Online’s take on the government actually cares about the people who are getting brutally butchered by gas companies which is in contrast to the real world. Still, it doesn’t seem like the best idea to hire a bunch of sociopathic and psychotic criminals to carry out moral acts of justice, but we guess it’s better than nothing.

Whether you’re a motorcycle gang leader, an arms dealer, a white collar criminal, or a shady club owner, the economic and climate crisis can only mean one thing and one thing only, which is a heck of a lot of profit. 

Executives, motorcycle gang leaders, gunrunners, and nightclub owners all get access to a plethora of new side hustles, special cargo missions, clubhouse contracts, and tons of resupply missions. And payouts will be increased across the board. This sounds like a  pretty good welcome incentive for players to not only grind their brains out on the highest paying missions but to actually consider doing smaller jobs that are worth the time and effort. 

It’s been a while since Rockstar actually cared enough to allow players to make more on smaller odd jobs, and this could actually bring back a bit of fun to GTA Online with the Criminal Enterprises Update once again instead of hurrying to finish heists repeatedly.

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update
New Vehicle for the Update | Gamers Grade

To make things interesting, Rockstar has added some general improvements to the Update, too. All of the business activities, including the sell missions, can now be undertaken in private sessions. This means that players will be safe from hackers and griefers that are out to get you and ruin your session. Players had been asking for this for ages, and now they’ve finally got it.

Club owners will now get a chance to remove unwanted elements by kicking out drunk troublemakers or escorting out passed-out VIPs to other locations. This not only sounds interesting and adds a bit of realism but makes bars and nightclubs feel like actual establishments. 

And as always, we’re getting some new vehicles since Rockstar has a habit of adding new vehicles. The more, the merrier.

“Two new Imani Tech-eligible vehicles will be available to take advantage of special upgrades from F. Clinton and Partner’s expert hacker, including remote control, missile lock-on jammer, and more.”

To add to your pleasures, new showroom floors will be added where you can go ahead and inspect or even test drive cars before you buy them. This sounds like an excellent addition to GTA Online, as players have wanted this feature for a long time. The Criminal Enterprises Update seems pretty promising with all of its new additions.

Are you happy with Rockstar’s new features and add-ons in the GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Update, or is there still something missing or they’ve forgotten to add? Let us know in the comments below and tune in next time for more GTA Online Updates. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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