Hacker Holds GTA 5 and 6 Source Code Hostage, Anonymous Buyer Allegedly Scammed for 100,000 Dollars

Update: Take-Two Interactive finally contacted GTAForums and ordered the website to take down the thread that started it all. The company asked the website to take down the GTA 6 thread in light of the copyrighted material showcased in the videos and images. GTAForums complied with Rockstar’s request and decided to close the thread. But GTAForums promises to reopen the topic in due course.

It seems GTA 6 hacker, Tea Pot made some mistakes along the way and now, he’s off the communication grid. Tea Pot went ahead and deleted their Telegram account making it impossible to contact them directly. Tom Henderson assumes that this was done because the hacker deemed that their location had become compromised. The plot does indeed thicken as the hacker visited GTA Forums a few hours ago without making any posts or updates.

Following leaks of GTA 6‘s pre-alpha game footage, it appears that the hacker is gearing up to sell the source codes for both GTA 5 and GTA 6. This is without a doubt, the biggest leak and scandal in gaming history. Take-Two is currently busy taking down videos and issuing DMCA copyright strikes on Youtube videos but it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re on a manhunt to track down the hacker and bring them to justice, but the suspected hacker has other things on their mind.

GTA 5 and GTA 6’s Source Code Up for Auction?

Following the confirmation that a hacker had bamboozled Rockstar out of GTA 6’s source code, reports are now suggesting that the hacker has officially sold the source code for Grand Theft Auto 6, but to what extent is this news true?

It was Sunday morning when we saw over 90 videos worth of footage posted n the internet in regards to GTA 6 pre-alpha gameplay and testing. The source of the video and information later stated that they weren’t going to sell the code of GTA 6’s source code just yet. Not if Rockstar was willing to settle with them for a healthy figure. As for GTA 5’s source code, that’s an altogether different story as the hacker is more than willing to auction it off to the highest bidder, that is unless Rockstar can convince them not to.

The leaker, who gets by the name Tea Pot informed his followers on the GTAForums website that:

All source code and assets for GTA 5 are available. Along with GTA 6 docs. Speak me in DM. No offer under 5 figs. – Tea Pot

While specific details haven’t been given out, it seems likely that the hacker does indeed have the source code for GTA 5 along with that of GTA 6’s, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But the story doesn’t end there. Twitter user and RockstarINTEL reporter videotech_ revealed that a transaction occurred online amounting to 100,556.81 U.S. dollars worth of Bitcoin that was transferred to an unknown wallet. It isn’t clear as to how videotech_ figured out that the transaction was tied to GTA 5’s source code and the hack that happened today, but it’s worth mentioning that videotech_ set his Twitter account to private, deleted the tweets and made his account public once again.

gta 6 source code scam
Videotech_ states some hard facts about the future of GTA Online if the source code gets in the wrong hands. The tweet was deleted later on | Twitter

But get this, the Bitcoin purchase turned out to be a scam. And someone was willing to give away 100,000 dollars to a random person on the internet pretending to be the hacker. What’s scary is that someone went so far as to hand over a staggering hundred grand just like that to a stranger on the internet without even confirming their identity.

gta 6 source code scam
A transaction suspected by videotech_ to be related to GTA 5’s source code. Videotech_ deleted the tweet later on. | Twitter

Ever since the incident, Tea Pot has been contacted regarding whether they sold the source code for GTA 5 for 100,000 dollars yet but they’ve denied it. In a DM, Tea Pot stated that it wasn’t their wallet. This means that Tea Pot wasn’t involved in the transaction mentioned by videotech_. Tom Henderson, gaming industry insider and freelancer, reported that Tea Pot confirmed that the transaction didn’t go through their wallet, but it’s possible that they could be lying. Cryptocurrency wallets cannot be verified except by the owner.

So, why is the gaming industry worried about GTA 5 and 6’s source code being sold out? This could become disastrous if it gets into the wrong hands. Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two could face some dire consequences as the source code of GTA Online being public information could open up users to an onslaught of unstoppable hacks, with Rockstar itself becoming vulnerable to further hacks in the future.

Now that the source code has got into the wrong hands, the hands being those of the hacker, Tea Pot, it’s a shame to say that the development of GTA 6 will no doubt be affected. Rockstar might have to add another year to the development of GTA 6 now that the game’s source code has been compromised, but considering the game is well in the mid to final stages of its development, will they discard the source code?

These are hard questions to answer and grave problems require even graver solutions. If they go ahead with it, this might waste the thousands of man hours put into the development of GTA 6. A delay is inevitable. The pre-alpha build was one or two years old. From the looks of it, the game had another solid two years of development before it was deemed final. But that won’t be the case anymore. It’s official that GTA 6 is delayed before it even got officially announced. 

As for the source code of GTA 6, the hacker says that they’re waiting for direct contact from Rockstar before they make any further moves. Tea Pot has made it very clear that they won’t do anything with the source code unless Rockstar decides to brush him under the rug. Then, the source code of GTA 6 would be sold to the highest bidder. This is likely just the beginning of what appears to be a major disaster for Rockstar and an industry controversy the likes of which we haven’t seen for years.

So, what do you think of this whole Fiasco? First GTA 6 is leaked online? Now, GTA 5’s source code is up for sale along with GTA 6’s code being held ransom till Take-Two and Rockstar contact the hacker. Let us know in the comments below. We upload daily on Appuals, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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