Microsoft Edge 93 Gets A Stable Release With Overlay Scrollbars, Tab Groups, Improved Picture-in-Picture Mode and More

The latest stable update to the OS is packed with improvements.

Windows 11 is scheduled for an October 5th release, at least initially. This is a bit earlier than we expected Microsoft’s next OS to be here but now that launch is closer than ever, Microsoft is rushing to tighten up the remaining elements of its OS. Edge, Windows’ native browser is part of this effort. Last month, we covered the features in Edge 93 Beta and today it saw its stable release bringing along a bunch of useful updates.

Tab Groups

First and foremost, group tabs. Yes, that’s right, group tabs are finally a thing on Microsoft Edge. Tap grouping has become almost a staple of Google Chrome as it allows you to, well, group tabs together and categorize them accordingly. It’s a small but incredibly useful update that was introduced in the Edge 93 beta and it has fortunately made its way over to the public release.

4 webpages grouped under “My articles” label with yellow as the highlight color.

You can prioritize tabs in tab groups as well to better focus on your work. For people who love to keep a plethora of tabs open, this feature can come in really handy. Not only does grouping tabs allows for better organization of your work, but it allows you to be more productive, too. The feature will work very similarly to how it works on Chrome so users migrating from Chrome can expect to feel at home.

Pick Up Where You Left Off On PDF Documents

Initially, Edge 93 stable was supposed to publicly debut the “Pick up where you left off on PDF documents” feature as it was available in the beta, but it has been pushed ahead to October. Apparently, Microsoft has put it on hold to iron out bugs and polish it before stable release.

Pick up where you left off feature in action – Source: Leopeva 64-2

If you can’t already tell from the incredibly descriptive name, the feature allows you to resume reading your PDF documents between turns. One of the biggest caveats of browser-based PDF readers is that there is no option that lets you continue reading from where you left off but, soon, Edge will finally let you do so. The feature was one of the most highly-demanded asks from Insiders, right up there with Overlay Scrollbars. However, it was delayed to October just recently, otherwise it would’ve been a part of this update.

Overlay Scrollbars

Speaking of Overlay Scrollbars, well, Overlay Scrollbars! Already available in Edge 94 (and above) Dev and Canary versions, Overlay Scrollbars are making their way over to Edge 93 for their stable release. Overlay scrollbars are more minimalistic and clean scrollbars that, instead of always being attached to the browser window, only pop out when you hover over them.

Overlay Scrollbars in action – Source: Leopeva 64-2

As you can see above, their design falls in line with the overall aesthetic of Windows 11. Many native Windows 11 apps like Settings have these types of scrollbars so it only feels natural to update Edge as well. That being said, Overlay scrollbars are also available on Windows 10. Right now, in Edge 93 they look slightly different than to how they did in Edge 94 beta. That’s because the command line containing the flag “OverlayScrollbarWinStyleAnimation” does not work properly on Edge 93. Hopefully, Microsoft will fix this soon.

Overlay Scrollbars in action but less cool this time – Source: Leopeva 64-2

To try this feature for yourself, make sure you’re on Edge 93 or above, duh. After updating to latest stable update, right-click on Edge shortcut and open Properties. You’ll then see a “Target” field that’s editable. Click on that and add this command line flag at the end of the field:


After the flag has been added, the full path in the Target field should be this:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --enable-features=OverlayScrollbar,OverlayScrollbarWinStyle,OverlayScrollbarWinStyleAnimation

This edit will enable Overlay Scrollbars in Edge 93 but keep in mind that they won’t look exactly as advertised.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Moreover, Edge 93 also ships with improved PiP functionality. Microsoft Edge already supports Picture-in-Picture mode for some videos but we’ll see this feature get vastly expanded in Edge 93. Now, simply hovering over a video, if supported, gives you the option to view it in PiP mode. However, this feature is exclusive to only MacOS¬†users for now, no saying when Edge on Windows will be updated with this.


PiP icons showing on top of a supported video – Source: Leopeva 64-2

Other Changes

There have been other small but notable improvement in this update. Vertical tabs, a standout Edge feature, is now getting the option to hide the title bar of tabs. Initial Preferences have been added to make enterprise deployment easier. Furthermore, Edge 93 introduces the change of IE legacy mode becoming a “nomerge” mode. Also introduced in Edge 93 are minor cosmetic updates to make the browser match Windows 11’s overall visual style.

Visual Improvements

Mica, the material that dominates most of Windows 11, gets to shine in Edge 93 as well. In a Windows 11-exlusive change, the title bar of the browser is now updated with Mica as now the background is ever so slightly visible through the bar. This gives the title bar a very subtle transparency effect. It perfectly blends in with the frosted, translucent look of Windows 11 and provides a sense of visual hierarchy as well.

Mica title bar in Edge 93 in Windows 11 – Source: Windows Latest

Mica’s less aggressive cousin, Acrylic is applied to the context menus within Edge 93 in Windows 11. Acrylic is much more translucent as compared to Mica and lets more of the background shine through. This change is part of the overall Fluent Design UI found all over Windows 11. In Edge settings, you can turn on a flag that increases the font size and spacing in these context menus, once again, mimicking the rest of Windows 11.

Mica title bar in Edge 93 in Windows 11 – Source: Windows Latest- Source: Windows Latest

Make sure that you’re rocking Edge 93 stable or above to be able to access these features. If you’re an Edge Insider then you’ve likely already tried most if not all of these. If you want to keep up to date with latest features being added to Edge, such as better Sleep Tabs and Immersive Reader, then you may want to download Edge Dev or Canary. For everyone else, the stable version of Edge makes the most sense.

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