Green Hell’s First Demo Gameplay is here

Okay, so today we got to have look at a 20-minute clip of the gameplay of “Green Hell”. We have to say a lot about the gameplay and the environment, but we will try to keep it as short as possible for you guys.

Health- Wounds and food intake

Health, as we all know, is the most significant factor in our lives and without it, we really can’t achieve anything. That’s what the basis of Green Hell is too. As the developers plan to give us more of a realistic experience, we might face health issues same as if were trapped in amazon for real.

You need to keep track of the daily intake of your food and nutrients for performing every task. If you don’t pay much heed to it, you might run out of fuel. You even have to carefully choose which food and water to use, otherwise, you may get food poisoning or even may puke instantly.

You have to check your body more often to look for any possible injuries or wounds. If there is one, then you’ll need to heal the wounds and even the infections. You will be provided with a little guideline of which medicines or remedies to craft for that.

The wildlife

You will come across animals and creatures from dangerous and ferocious predators to small blue toads. You will have to remain cautious of what you come across, as an animal like a jaguar would probably be the last one you see if you get too close.

You can hunt for food and can catch fishes with a spear after you craft it. You do have to cook the meat afterward by making a fire, otherwise, it might not be favorable for your health. For that too, you have to craft stuff and collect the required material.

The weather

The weather has also been designed to feel exactly like the natural one. As we all know that Amazon is a rain-forest and the weather conditions in such areas can be a little unpredictable. It might even rain for days or there may be only a little sprinkle of water. We have to adjust to the weather and can’t really predict it.

Overall, the gameplay seemed fine but there were a few cons, like the frames seemed to be too low. It became a little dull at times etc. But as it was only the beta version, they probably will make a lot of changes to it and we really much such problems get fixed for the better. Here is the 20-minute trailer for you to watch:

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Green Hell’s First Demo Gameplay is here

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