Green Hell – A survival game in the depths of Amazon Forest

Developers from Dying Light and Dead Island are back with another title

Suppose you’re alone, lost and ultimately trapped in one of the largest rainforests in the world without any maps, leads or food resources. Does it sound any good to you? Well, probably not. This is what “Green Hell” is all about, as the title already justifies the condition pretty well.

About the developers

Green Hell has been developed by Creepy Jar and will be released probably both for PC and consoles. No official announcement about the release date or the platforms has been made yet though. Creepy Jar is basically a group of developers from the team who were involved in the development of the previously well-known titles like Dying Light and Dead Island.

Considering the fact that those games did pretty well both in terms of making money and with respect to the ratings, we really are expecting Green Hell to do the same. We might also see a few similarities in the gameplay and visuals of the game with the previously mentioned titles.


The game starts with our protagonist waking up in the depths of Amazon with no clue and memories of how he reached there. He has to survive his way through facing the wild beasts and disastrous mother nature. You will have to take care of each and everything physical about your player ranging from what and when he eats to check if he doesn’t get any infection or get to become the target of some kind of parasites or diseases.

In case you ignore such factors considering them puny and don’t pay much heed, they might actually prove to be fatal and become the cause of your death in the game. This is what makes the game more of a real-life like experience and makes you cautious about each and everything just like a real-life situation.

The gameplay will be revealed today on May 16 at 12 pm PDT on Creepy Jar’s twitch page:

Here is a trailer of the game for you to check out:

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Green Hell – A survival game in the depths of Amazon Forest

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