Gravity Rush Movie in The Works by PlayStation and Scott Free Productions

Gravity Rush is one of those hidden gems that you don’t hear about too much. It was released for the PlayStation Vita as an exclusive back in 2012. Although it was well received, but many users never got a Vita or played the game due to the exorbitantly priced SD game cards and the poor selection of games for the handheld. But it seems that Gravity Rush is getting its very own movie.

Gravity Rush Getting Its Very Own Movie

The action-adventure video game Gravity Rush is now reported to be getting its very own movie. PlayStation Productions and Scott Free Productions both have their hands on deck for the development of the movie of the same name. It appears that the movie is being directed by Anna Mastro, the director behind the Secret Society of Second Born Royals, and the script work is being led by Emily Jerome who previously worked on Panopticon.

The open-world PSVita game hit the shelves back in 2012. The game developed by a Japanese Studio, Project Siren was released globally by Sony Computer Entertainment. The game even got a remaster for the PS4, but it still remains a hidden gem.

Players got to experience the game as Kat, who was an amnesiac with the power to manipulate gravity. She used her powers to defend the people of the floating community of Hekesville from the mysterious race of creatures called the Nevi and gravity storms.

The game was a pretty good launch title for the PSVita. It used the then powerful SOC of the PSVita to give us gorgeous visuals and a neat art style that still holds up. The game had a really compelling story that encapsulated us, something most reviewers didn’t touch on back in 2012.

We played the game as Kat, a girl who woke up one day and discovered her supernatural gravity-defying powers. The comic book cutscenes were a pretty neat addition to the game. Kat was a very funny and likeable character from the get-go, but the story ended abruptly with no closure or proper ending to the story of Kat.

We got to control the direction of gravity where Kat would float and then fall to another floating island using the right shoulder button. Although the gameplay was pretty exciting in terms of how the gravity system worked, there were a few caveats to the gameplay.

gravity rush movie playstation
Kat performing her iconic fall in Gravity Rush artwork | PlayStation Store

Players had to deal with a clunky combat system. Taking out small nevi was a breeze, but handling giant Nevi was indeed a tedious task. Overall, it was a solid release for the PSVita with an interesting story, captivating characters and a unique gameplay system.

We got another iteration to the Gravity Rush franchise later in 2017 as Kat falls into a new setting. The combat was a big improvement over the first instalment of the franchise with new added gravity-defying abilities playing into the game’s combat system, but there were some problems with the game’s third-person camera as you need a decent control scheme setup for it.

The story did follow up with the abrupt ending of Gravity Rush one and we got another exciting story to experience. Gravity Rush 2 managed to nail the experience of the first instalment in the series, despite the awkward camera of the game.

Gravity Rush Movie’s Director and Scriptwriter

On a side note, Mastro has a pretty worthwhile portfolio as she co-exec produced Disney+‘s Secret Society of Second Born Royals which was released back in 2020. Mastro has also worked on other projects and series such as The Rookie, L.A’s Finest, In the Dark, Runaways, Shameless, UnReal, Jane the Virgin and Gossip Girl. 

As for Jerome, she’s a rising screenwriter who made it on the 2017 Black List with her thriller script titled Panopticon, which Scott Free Productions worked on as well last year.

The writer will probably do justice to Gravity Rush as they make an alluring script for the large-scale world of Gravity Rush. She was also appointed by Sony this year to make an adaption of journalist Max Mashall’s upcoming memoir, Among the Bros, which is to be published by HarperCollins.

The memoir is based on a real-life story and is actively in development and showcases a drug ring bust in Charleston, South Carolina college to shed light on the dark American fraternity culture.

There are no official details in regards to the direction of the film and whether we’ll get an animated production or a live-action adaption for the PlayStation title. We’ll have to wait and find out as information is currently rather dry on the matter. So we’ll update you as soon as we find out more.

gravity rush movie playstation
Kat falling to another floating Island in the launch trailer for Gravity Rush | PlayStation

Both writers have a respectable portfolio and have produced and directed some amazing works in their careers. But will they be able to direct and write a compelling script for a video game, something they haven’t done before?

If they don’t get it right and implement woke culture into the mix to appease Gen Z, veteran fans of the franchise might end up chewing up the movie, leaving mixed reviews and critiques for Gravity Rush, which is, of course, their right.

With PlayStation and Scott Free Productions working on the project along with the two esteemed writers, there’s a lot of hope that we’ll get a captivating and incredible Gravity Rush movie that will shake the box office. And many users that never heard of the game might give the game the chance it deserves.

With all this said, it’s still not clear who will lead the production of the Gravity Rush film. While PlayStation Production does fall under Sony Interactive Entertainment’s umbrella, it’s unclear if the studio will produce the picture.

So are you excited about the Gravity Rush movie? Have you ever played the title? If not, check it out for the PSVita and PS4. That’s pretty much it for today on Appuals. Tune in for more news next time. Till then, see you later and goodbye.


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