NVIDIA and AMD Forced To Lower Prices Further, Expect Record Lows By End Of August

NVIDIA and AMD are facing an oversupply problem regarding their last-gen chips. During the pandemic, due to high demand and low supply, prices went through the roof. However, as things have started to cool down both giants are now facing major issues due to their remaining stock. Not many people want an Ampere/RDNA 2 GPU when the next-gen is just around the corner.

This caused both the GPU manufacturers to lower their pricing. Now many GPUs are literally below MSRP, a dream come true for those who suffered due to the GPU apocalypse. You can see the RTX 3090 Ti being sold for around $1000, where AMD’s kingpin 6900XT is around $699 (30% Below MSRP). The production for the RTX 3080 12GB has been reinstated again due to the same reason.

RX 6900 XT Price Drop | Newegg

Two sources have claimed that this butterfly effect will continue leading to record-low prices by as early as this month. 

According to the news from the supply chain, at the end of August, NVIDIA and AMD will take more aggressive actions to reduce the price of graphics cards, of which NVIDIA will cut prices more than AMD.

~ Li Fugang

Snowflake over at mydrivers claims that:

After the mining crash, the price of graphics cards plummeted, and many graphics cards are currently priced below their original suggested retail prices. Of course, the decline in graphics card prices will continue to happen.

~ Snowflake

If NVIDIA and AMD do not clear out stocks while their next-gen is being produced, it will lead to a massive loss in profit. You can blame the pandemic for this ongoing dilemma. While this does spell trouble for both giants, how will it effect the customers? At first, things may look extremely beneficial for us due to lower prices. However, this could result in massive delays for next-gen.

The elephant in the room

Since Lovelace and RDNA 3 are just around the corner, many speculations have started to arise regarding their fate. BitsAndChips claims that RTX 4000 GPUs may be delayed to Q1 2023.

Giving us some hope, a clarification came regarding the effected GPUs. It seems we may only see the RTX 4090 in 2022, whereas all GPUs below and including the RTX 4080  will be seen during Q1 2023. However, take these leaks with a grain of salt because NVIDIA wont bother announcing a whole new generation while only having a BFGPU in its initial lineup.


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