GPD Win 4 Console Featuring AMD’s Ryzen 7 6800U And A Physical Keyboard In Development

Gamepad Digital, the manufacturer of the first Win Max 2 is now reportedly developing another handheld  gaming console named the GPD Win 4.

A Powerhouse

The GPD Win 4 is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7 6800U APU. The 6-inch screen paired along with a physical keyboard (literally) will enable portable gaming. This APU ships with 8 Zen3+ cores, although GPD is not the first to use AMD’s solutions for its handhelds. AYANEO, AOKZOE, AYN also have their consoles powered by this APU.

GPD Win 4 Design | Cary Golomb

Additional Features

The GPD Win 4 features a much more powerful APU, larger screen size, USB-Type C and even a fingerprint scanner. Having trouble carrying your Steam Deck? Fear not, for the GPD Win 4 features an ergonomic round design giving you a comfortable grip. 

(Source : liliputing)

Release Date

As of now, Gamepad Digital announced no release date for their upcoming GPD Win 4. The Win Max 2 is set to launch anytime now with the crowdfunding nearing its end. 


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