God of War Ragnarok: Some Major Spoilers Are Being Shared via Twitter

[UPDATE]: It looks like Sony has taken action against the God of War Ragnarok leaks, as all the screen captures posted by the Twitter user are now removed.

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A Twitter user by the name of @Ps4Markus (Heavy Spoilers, proceed at your own risk) is posting screen captures of the upcoming game, God of War Ragnarok. God of War Ragnarok is only a couple of weeks away, and the anticipation for the game is so high that people cannot contain themselves. 

The game has become a hot topic, and people like @Ps4Markus with review copies of the game are posting the spoilers online. If you want to have a good experience with the surprise element intact, I will advise you to surf the internet carefully these days, especially when the game is just there. 

And for the Twitter account, posting the screen captures of God of War Ragnarok looks random and unintentional as the account is not trying to reach the masses or proclaim his ‘Leaker’ throne. The screen captures are posted randomly; the last one was uploaded yesterday (23rd October).

About God of War Ragnarok

It is the direct sequel of the critically acclaimed God of War 2018. The sequel will not only continue the story of the last part, but it will also work as a closure for the adventures of Kratos. You will accompany Kratos while he embarks on his final journey in Norse Mythology. 

It was also reported recently that the final size of the game would be 118 GB on PlayStation 4 and the length of the game is around 40 hours, with 20 hours of the main story and 20 hours of side quests. Undoubtedly, the expectations from the game are at all time high, and fans are expecting it to be on par with its predecessor, if not better. 

The previews for God of War Ragnarok are already out, and various media outlets have tagged it ‘a worthy sequel’ of God of War 2018. God of War Ragnarok will be released on 9th November 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Are you excited to experience the Norse Realms? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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