God of War Ragnarok Will Take Around 50+ Hours to Completely Beat the Game

God of War Ragnarok is less than two weeks away from its official release. Still, the rumors about the game aren’t stopping, and the game has been a hot topic for a month now. Recently we reported that a Twitter user was posting screen captures of God of War Ragnarok gameplay which later got removed, but now another Twitter user shared extensive spoilers from the game that showcases significant boss fights and some surprise characters ( I’m not linking the account to save you from the potential spoilers). 

God of War Ragnarok: Game Length

However, apart from spoilers that fans are not taking sportingly, some valuable information has been revealed that may evaluate your excitement. According to a spoiler-free podcast by IGN on their YouTube channel, God of War Ragnarok will take around 50+ hours to thoroughly beat the game. 

Although it is a subjective opinion, another attendant from the podcast claimed that they are 70+ hours into the game and are targeting a complete walkthrough of the game. A few weeks ago, Insider Gaming claimed that God of War Ragnarok would take around 40 hours to beat with 20 hours of the main story, which can be further divided into 16.5 hours of gameplay and 3.5 hours of cinematic cut scenes. 

And the other 20 hours were claimed to be the side quests and missions. If we go by the recent length of the game, which is claimed to be 50+ hours, then it is just around its predecessor, which took around 31.5 hours for the main storyline and 20 hours were allocated for the side quests, so the collective length of God of War 2018 was around a good 51+ hours.

Game Size, Graphic Modes & Previews

The game reviews are expected to be live soon, but some previews about the game are already out, which reveal some interesting information about God of War Ragnarok. For example, it is noted that the skill tree will be different in the sequel, and combat in the game has been improved exponentially. In addition, a reputed media outlet by the name of Press Start Australia also revealed that the game will feature four graphics modes on PlayStation 5:

  • Favour Resolution – 4K/30FPS Locked
  • Favour Performance – 60 FPS Locked
  • Favour Resolution (High Frame Rate On) – 4K/40 FPS Locked
  • Favour Performance (High Frame Rate On) – Unlocked Up To 120 FPS (mostly around 90-100 FPS so far)

Some recent rumors also suggested that the game will be around 118.5 GB on PlayStation 4, that’s just 3 times the size of its predecessor. But don’t worry; you will have a whole week to preload the game before its official release. Fans’ Excitement for the game is at an all-time high, and the expectations from God of War Ragnarok are exceptional due to the high standards set by its predecessor. 

Kratos and Atreus are only a few days away from their final adventure in the Norse universe. God of War Ragnarok will be released on 9th November 2022 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Are you excited to go along with Kratos on his final quest? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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