Gotham Knights Red Hood Gameplay Trailer Revealed + Bulky Design!

It’s finally here. Gotham Knights Developer WB Games Montreal has finally shed light on the fourth and final trailer for the title. The game has revealed gameplay footage for our beloved badass, Jason Todd, under the guise of Red Hood.

So far, Gotham Knights will feature four different protagonists to choose from, ranging from Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood, and Batgirl. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Red Hood in action, but it certainly is the first time where the trailer entirely focuses on him, his battle style, and a bit of his backstory.

Red Hood Gameplay

It’s been brought to light that Red Hood was actually brought back to life through the mystical powers of the Lazarus Pit. Red Hood now has access to some supernatural powers that will be featured in the game, which is coming soon. 

While the previous trailer indicated that his traversal mechanics have changed due to the powers imbued by the Lazarus Pit, it’s implied that his combat has changed due to being resurrected.

Red Hood still takes up his iconic gun style, and it seems to pay a bit of homage to Dante from Devil May Cry. His moveset has changed considerably from what we’ve seen in the Arkham Series. Red Hood can be seen putting bullets into the knee caps of his enemies as a form of takedown. That’s pretty intense.

Aside from the brutal punches, bullet sprays, and lethal takedowns, it seems that Red Hood can supercharge his powers obtained from the Lazarus Pit to fire charged bullets.

Red Hood can also be seen traversing rooftop to rooftop and jumping to greater heights due to the powers given to him by the Lazarus Pit. So, Red Hood will bring a lot more to the table compared to his brothers and sisters.

This is not your regular Red Hood but an all-new super-powered Red Hood capable of crushing his enemies with his newfound powers. It’s going to be a pretty good game considering the vast roster of characters and deep combat mechanics that we’ll get to try our hands on.

Red Hood Design

Red Hood’s design has changed considerably compared to what we’d seen in the Arkham Knight and previous Arkham games. It seems that Red Hood has bulked up and put on some pounds. His waist has widened considerably, and to be fair, Red Hood looks like a true gym-going meat head at this point.

Jason Todd’s design in the upcoming Gotham Knights has generated tons of flak after several fans have bombarded the concept art of Red Hood wearing his civilian clothes.

Twitter responses have ranged from “why Jason Todd looks so buff” to comparing Red Hood to an exaggerated One Piece character. He’s also been compared to many tank class characters in videogames and been called a “huge brute-like hero” who lacks the flexible and agile figure of his comic book counterpart.

Wilson Mui, the Gothan Knights cinematics director, stated:

“We’ve managed to deliver essentially four cinematics in one,So when you’re playing as Red Hood, you’re gonna get your version of that cinematic, but let’s say you decide to switch to Nightwing or Batgirl, you’re gonna get their version. I can honestly tell you, those are four very different cinematics, different dialogue, and different interactions with characters.”

Gotham Knights will be coming soon to your favorite platforms on October 25, 2022. Players will get to experience Gotham City under the guise of Red Hood, Bat Girl, Robin, and Knightwing. Players will get to experience the game on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

And that’s pretty much it for today on Appuals. We upload daily, so stay tuned for more. Till then, see you later and goodbye!


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