Gopher is Developing gEYE Cyber Security System For AI IoT Network

Gopher Protocol Inc, a firm that specializes in the creation of IoT and artificial intelligence enabled devices, is now working on developing its network cyber security system: the gEYE as part of its Avant! AI engine. The Avant! AI engine is designed with an infrastructure equipped for the Gopher Protocol Coin technology, the company’s blockchain-based radio generated digital currency. The company’s vision is that all of Gopher’s IoT devices and services be interlinked and self-sufficient to a point where the system has its own form of currency for financial transaction as well. With the engine constantly involved in surfing the internet and carrying out such transactions, being linked to Gopher’s devices through the firm’s gNET communication protocol, gEYE is now introduced to ensure that all such online activity is private and secure.

The gEYE is engineered on several fronts with many layers of security protocol to ensure that the system is impenetrable, not comprisable, and wholly encrypted. As gEYE is designed to operate to secure all Gopher devices, it employs several heavy duty security protocols such as system monitoring, network boundaries and firewall segmentation, a diligent threat detection system, vulnerability prediction system, and real-time immediate incident response. In addition to this, the gEYE employs an unconventional form of encryption to deceive potential hackers. Traditionally, when hackers try to retrieve data from an encrypted channel, they are returned nonsensical data and forced to try again until they manage to retrieve what they’re looking for (if they can out smart the encryption). In gEYE’s advanced encryption, even when hackers are to be returned nonsensical data, they are given data that is indeed incorrect but looks legitimate and so the hacker is left unable to distinguish between the true data retrieved and the fake look-alike information.

The company has made it evident that they are heavily invested in the development of their gEYE security system as it is expected to run on all of their smart devices and applications, acting as a safeguard for the whole Gopher network. The company has patented many technologies and offers state of the art smart microchips that power all of its devices as well as mobile and cloud softwares which keep its network in sync. We can soon expect rapid integration of Gopher’s technologies as the products are commercialized. Gopher aims to centralize all smart devices using its intelligent microchip processors so that the IoT is united under Gopher’s umbrella offering shared experiences to all Gopher users.

Aaron Michael
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