Google’s New Pixel 3 Gets Better OLED Displays Sourced From Samsung

iFixit is a private company which sells, repair parts and publishes online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets on its web site. As per tradition, it carried out its teardown of the new Google pixel 3 XL.

The iFixit team encountered a new Google Titan M security chip. Google mentioned the new Titan M security chip in a blogpost stating, “We’ve integrated Titan Security, the system we built for Google, into our new mobile devices. Titan Security protects your most sensitive on-device data by securing your lock screen and strengthening disk encryption”. It is a secure, low-power microchip. This chip is no bigger than a button. The second thing that iFixit came across on the Pixel XL3 is the same Pixel visual core as the one found on the Pixel XL2.

The most interesting discovery that iFixit made was the Samsung AMOLED display used. The Pixel XL 2 used an LG OLED display which severely underperformed when compared to other phones which came out at the time. The decision to move to Samsung’s AMOLED display was a pleasant surprise. The display is much more saturated and has colours looking more vibrant.

After disassembling and thorough examining of the Pixel 3’s construction, iFxit gave the new flagship a repairability score of 4 out of 10. Of course, phone aren’t meant to be disassembled by buyers, but if you do decide to dissect your phone, keep in mind that google ahs used a rather copious amounts of glue on the rear glass panel.

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