Google’s New ‘Game of the Year’ Quiz Tests Your Knowledge of 2018’s Top Trends

With the year coming to a close, companies worldwide have begun releasing their own celebrations of 2018. Google Play’s Best of 2018 and this year’s Youtube Rewind are some examples of how companies are immortalizing the highlights of this year. Today, Google released a new mini-game called ‘Game of the Year’ which tests your knowledge of the top trends of 2018.

Game of the Year

The ‘Game of the Year’ mini-game has the user answer 20 randomized questions, each of which is based on this year’s events and top trends. At the start of the game, the user may enter their name and customize the pitch and speaking speed of the narrator.

When the round starts, the player has 10 seconds to answer the question shown on the screen. The player can choose between a number possible answers located within circles which drop from the top of the screen. Selecting the correct answer will reward the player with coins, and choosing the wrong one will deduct one out of the three initial lives. The amount of coins your earn will be your final score at the end of the round. The game will end when you answer all 20 questions successfully, or run out of lives.

The questions are chosen randomly and mostly ask about the most searched terms of the year. As you progress through the questions, it’ll gradually get more and more difficult by presenting you with more possible answers per question. The quiz game also includes ‘bonus rounds’ in which you have 10 seconds to select as many correct answers as you can. Swiping left on a card means it trended less in 2018 than the year before, and vice versa.

Bonus Round
Bonus Round


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