Google’s Fit App Gets an Update: A New Dark Theme and Sleep Charts Added

With new devices being equipped with OLED panels, that too, huge ones, it makes sense that Dark Modes are becoming more common. We first saw the change of themes in Cyanogen Mods back in the day. It wasn’t until Apple’s application to their macOS Mojave. Users have always loved the concept of dark modes. Not only do they provide a minimalistic aesthetic, but also give a subtle feel while using devices in the dark. Apart from that, as mentioned before, most new devices are equipped with OLED panels. OLEDs display crisp blacks while the dark tone complements the battery life so it is really a win-win situation.

This is perhaps a good and valid reason for developers to introduce a system-wide dark mode theme. Apple has done it with iOS 13 as it can be seen within its beta version. Android Q would also be boasting the feature, as it has been revealed. Among new developments, according to a source piece by XDADevelopers, Google’s Fit app is to get a dark theme.

Google Fit follows the same theme as the rest of Google’s native apps do. This was quite expected given the direction Android Q is going with the system-wide dark mode theme. The pictures surfaced show that it doesn’t come with all blacks, unlike Spotify. Instead, it is a more Google Maps’ Night mode kind of dark with a dark grey background and a lighter grey tool bar/ navigation bar on the bottom.

New Dark theme on Google Fit App. Via XDADevelopers

Apart from the inevitable theme changes, Google also introduces Sleep Charts on the device. What makes these special is the fact that users can now connect the app to other sleep-related apps and their devices. The patterns are then recorded on the app to show in the new sleep charts. What the app allows besides this is to add sleeping cycles manually and edit them as well. The app has been quite underrated as people tend to user their smartwatches mostly as a standalone device or for notifications. Perhaps this new update, as it rolls out, would bring people to use the app more.

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Google’s Fit App Gets an Update: A New Dark Theme and Sleep Charts Added

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