Google Working On Screen Share Feature, Opening Chrome Mobile Tabs On PC Now A Possibility

Google is reportedly working on a screen share feature, similar to Microsoft's Continue On Pc

Microsoft’s Continue on PC feature is a pretty neat idea; however, the fact that it only uses Microsoft’s Edge on laptop and PCs means it’s not as popular as it could have been. After all, Edge is only used by around 4% of people. In contrast to that, there’s Google Chrome, which is inaruguably the most popular browser on offer.

Because of that, Google are reportedly working on their “Continue on PC” feature. Obviously, once it’s complete, users will be able to use it similar to Microsoft’s feature, except this time using Chrome. The idea is bolstered by the fact that Chrome is popular on both mobile and PC. Because of that, the company will be in a good position to launch the feature.

According to some reports, the feature will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it looks like users will have to be logged into Chrome on both their mobile and desktop in order to use the feature. So far, there isn’t too much that we know about it.

Once the feature is launched, however, its popularity should take off pretty quickly; as we mentioned, Chrome is probably the most used browser on the planet, so the company already has a pretty huge userbase. One thing that might hold back the feature is its accessiblity and usability. This is one of the few things that has been keeping Microsoft’s feature from taking off.

Whichever way the Google Chrome feature – titled “Self Share” – goes, it could only end up being a good thing for users; an increased competition would not only force Microsoft to improve their product, but Google will have to be at the top of their game in order to keep up a decent userbase for the feature. There’s currently no date for when “Self Share” will be released.

In essence, “Self Share” will let users watch something on their mobile, and then switch over to a larger screen, such as a PC or laptop, continuing from where they left off with the click of a button. However, users might have to be logged into Google Chrome on both devices to do so.

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Google Working On Screen Share Feature, Opening Chrome Mobile Tabs On PC Now A Possibility

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