Google Wallpapers Recent Server Side Update Now Features Images From NASA Amongst Various Other Additions

Google has periodically been updating its wallpapers ever since its launch of google wallpapers in 2016. After the recent Pixel 3 event, the app has been updated with a number of new wallpapers across the existing categories. Although the live wallpapers found on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have not been updated, there are various other wallpapers added on the Landscapes, Textures, Life, Earth, and Art categories.

What really caught eyes were from the “Earth” category with unprecedented (to google wallpapers) images from NASA of other planets and mesmerising cosmos. The Earth category up until now only updated wallpapers of the planet Earth. Meanwhile, the category “Life” has images of plants and flowers with low exposure. The category “Textures” after the update seems to have many more images compared to the other categories. “Landscape” category has more than a dozen new wallpapers from around the world with scenic beauty. The “Art” category has abstract and aesthetically pleasing paintings.

The update seems to be a server side one, meaning the new wallpapers should be available by just refreshing “Daily Wallpapers” on the app and not actively updating the app. This would mean every image will take longer to load as it is new and has to be loaded on your device.

Bijit Ghosh
Bijit Ghosh is a computer science undergrad who takes an immense interest in technical trivia. Currently working on program development , he takes a wide view of the entire development community. He believes in binary: If it's true it will surface, else return. If you don't find him working it's probably because he's busy reporting the glitch in the matrix.