Google to Shut Down Google+ 4 Months Earlier After Second Data Hack

Google+ will now close its door in April 2019

Google+ still hadn’t recovered from the data leak it suffered in October. And now it has to go through the same fortune yet again. The company today announced that a new security loophole found last month can impact 52.5 million users. The data of these users can be taken from the apps that use the API of Google+.

The data of the 52.5 million users consists of their personal information like name, age, occupation, and email address. Even if the accounts are set on private, developers will be able to access the profile information due to the security bug. Even if the information was set to private, developers had easy access to the data of the users.

Apps using Google+ API can access the data that has been shared with particular users only. If the data had not been shared publicly, then it’s safe as apps can’t access them. The latest security bug to hit Google+ was live for six days only in the month of November. Google says that it doesn’t have any evidence whether the data was misused by the developers when it was live for six days.

The bug was eventually fixed by Google after the company discovered it by itself. the bug was fixed by Google during the second week of November. However, the latest security flaw has forced Google to expedite its processes to shut down Google+. The reason for expediting the whole process is to protect the data of the users.

When Google+ suffered a similar attack in October, the company announced that it will shut down the project in August 2019. The latest security flaw has seen a change in plans by Google. The company says that it will now shut down Google+ in April 2019, four months earlier than previously announced. All the working APIs of Google+ will also be shut down in the next 30 days.

Bill Wilson
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