Google to Remain the Default Search Engine on Mozilla Firefox until 2023

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers around the globe. The browser is praised for its fast performance and resource management. Moreover, the privacy protocols that Mozilla offers in its browser are among the best in the industry. Despite these, the popularity of the browser is on the decline for the last few years. Mozilla is a non-profit organization, and most of its revenue comes from its Firefox browsers. Since Firefox does not derive income from ads, its revenue comes from search engine providers like Google, Yandex for users in Russia, and Baidu for users in China. These companies pay to keep their respective search engines a default option in the browser.

The deal between Google and Mozilla is supposed to end at the end of the current year. Now, TheVerge reports that Google and Mozilla may have struck a deal behind closed doors, which will supposedly retain Google as the default search engine until at least 2023. Mozilla has announced that the ongoing pandemic has severely affected their revenues. The company laid-off 70 of its employees at the start of the year. The news comes right after the announcement of plans to lay-off an additional 250 employees by Mozilla. It is almost a quarter of the total workforce of the company.

In a blog post, CEO Mitchell Baker wrote that they are renewing their focus on the company and the community. They plan on releasing new products and services that people would love to use. Plans on new revenue streams are also under consideration, which is an essential step considering the fact that the popularity of the cash cow Firefox is on the decline.

Lastly, both Google and Mozilla have chosen to remain silent on the deal. We may get additional information on the agreement shortly.

Mohsin Naeem
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Google to Remain the Default Search Engine on Mozilla Firefox until 2023

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