Google To Add New Power Menu To Android 11: Digital Wallet Control and Smart Home Controls at a single Touch

While we did see Android 11 get delayed, there is still stuff being done for the upcoming update. The beta version has evolved quite a lot now and right on schedule too. According to a recent article from 9to5Google, there have been certain development in this regard.

The website claims that in a leaked document procured by Misaal Rehman from the twitter account of @deletescape, they saw a new feature that may be rolling out to all android devices on Android 11.

A little history on the feature before though. Back in 2019, when the company was testing Android 10, they added this new pixel-only feature. This was in addition to the new and improved power menu. According to the article, this was the cards and passes view that was available within this new power menu. What this did was give users the access to their credit cards, debit cards and loyalty passes so they would be able to access them with ease whenever at the POS terminal.

Now what the documents previously mentioned stated that Google is allowing the API for this to be available to all companies similar to Google Pay. What this would do is that phones using other services would be able to make use of this too. Additionally, being a part of an upgraded power menu, they attached screenshots of the power menu. As seen below, these show that there are other smart controls added to the menu as well. Apart from the wallet applications, there are smart home controls available as well. These can help you control, just from your power menu, your lights, garage door, Google Nest cams, you name it!

Screenshots of the newly upgraded power menu displaying the new controls available. 9to5Google

Sarmad Burki

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