Google Tests Continue Reading In Chrome Feature For Chrome OS In Canary

As the world moves toward a united digital experience: one drive, one email, one notepad, and one platform that synchronizes and transports everything to your every device as needed, the ability to pick up where you left off when web browsing is something that’s been lacking in the experience. Google Chrome introduced user accounts that log history, web activity, and bookmarks to allow for settings and such data to be accessible on any device where the chrome account it logged in but reloading websites from history can only do so much to point you in the direction of exactly what you were looking at, and the hassle that this guess and check reload history process entails is another story. Google has announced a “Continue Reading In Chrome” feature that allows users to pick up on the exact frame of browsing that they left off on when they switch from their mobile or tablet devices to their Chromebooks.

This feature has been released for testing on the Google Chrome Canary developer’s mode as Google continues to test it out before a product wide release on the Chromebook. This feature is limited to the Chrome OS at this stage but we can expect it to be made available on all Google Chrome applications on Windows, Mac, and other operating systems as well. The specifics of the announcement follow that the continue reading feature restores any activity within the last two hours. It reloads the most recent tab within the two hour time frame for continued reading and if multiple tabs were accessed in the allotted time, they are recommended as reloads but not reloaded directly. When a tab is reopened on another device, it continues to display from the frame that was being observed and an option to place a reading marker is also being tested so that the marker can be reloaded when the page is reopened later on.

A release date for the official update has not been announced yet, but as Internet Explorer and Microsoft applications have already implemented this feature, it’s not long before we expect Google to outdo them in this regard as well. The specifics of Google’s continuation feature will roll out in Canary over the next few days and keeping up with those developments can give us a sense of what’s to come.

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Google Tests Continue Reading In Chrome Feature For Chrome OS In Canary

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