Google Testing New Live View Feature: Point Your Camera To Get Distance & Directions

It has been 15 years since Google debuted its flagship navigation software: Google Maps. Since then, the map has evolved with Google’s AI support, its search engine database. The app itself has evolved quite a bit as well. To mark its 15th anniversary, Google gave the app an entire makeover. With that, it introduced a bunch of new features, which were not available right away, but have been rolling out since then. One of these was the introduction of Live View for walking directions. Although the option is well hidden, it is still there.

Now though, there is a new feature upon us. Although still in its testing phase, Google is carefully rolling it out to the app’s beta users. According to an article from 9to5Google, they have been able to get a version of it on one of their devices.

How it Works

In a thorough review by the tech website, they claim that this feature takes advantage of augmented reality. For a while now, we see that most new processors support augmented reality but not much is done to actually apply it in daily life. Google is setting out to do just that. With this new feature of Live View, users will be making use of AR and the app.

According to the article, there will be a button for Live View when you’re looking for directions. Upon clicking it, it would open up the camera. It would then instruct you to change the direction of where you point your phone’s camera. Upon getting to the right direction, you’ll be prompted with a pin which would also tell how far the location is. It would give you a brief idea of where you’re supposed to go without actually having to pull up “get directions”. Not only will this increase the use of this feature, but it would also genuinely save time.

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Google Testing New Live View Feature: Point Your Camera To Get Distance & Directions

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