Google starts testing a new Routine schedule depending upon the Sun for the Google Assistant

Since the launch of Google Assistant, the company has been improving its AI-powered assistant by adding or improving its abilities and UI while focusing on usability and automation. It is by far the most versatile assistant compared to its rivals from Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon. For the last few months, Google is focusing on the visual revamp that cleans up its Google Home app and Google Assistant menu interface. It will minimize the user interaction required and make more tasks automated. The latest development, in this case, is in the form of a new Routines schedule.

According to a report from 9to5 Google, Google has added a new way to add a routine in the “Start your routine” section. “Sunset/Sunrise” is now added as a voice command to tell your Google Assistant about the specific task you want it to perform during Sunrise or Sunset time. The feature was previously available via the “Time” command, but it required a lot of user interaction to work at the designated time. Users had to account for the time changes and repetition throughout the year.

Google Assistant Routines via 9to5 Google

The dedicated command can now precisely tune to the sun depending upon your location, and it can help out with a variety of tasks, e.g., turn off/on smart home lights depending upon the Sun. It only requires the location and repetition schedule, and it will work seamlessly. The feature is not yet available to a large number of users. It seems it will be rolled out gradually depending upon the region and device.

Only one user at Reddit has reported about the feature. We will keep you updated once more information is released.

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Google starts testing a new Routine schedule depending upon the Sun for the Google Assistant

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