Google Services Down: G Suite, Gmail Others Reported as not Working in Eastern US

Google is not one of those companies that you’d expect to go down. Sadly though, as reported on many fronts, it is true, Google services are down in various parts of the world. While the area affected mainly in the Eastern part of the United States, there have been various complaints throughout the world. According to Google’s own cloud platform forum, detecting outages, they report the issue under “#19009“. According to the report, heavy usage in said areas have caused the systems to crash at about 1:30 PM PT and the company is doing everything to get it back up. You may check out updates regarding the status of the service in the link above.

While Google cloud services are quite an important side of the company, it is not the only one affected. Gmail, the heavily used email app has been affected too. According to the website,, Gmail has been reported as “down” by more than 1500 people. This shows that the app is really down and not limited to a single person or area. This joins the G suite too as it too has been reported not working by multiple resources.

According to Tweet by Scott Sowers, he reports the services in the Eastern part of the US to be down. What’s interesting is many people have retweeted and commented on the post. Within the comments, you can see that people have reported services to be down in the United Kingdom as well. For now, though, there have been no official reports about the matter or the severity of the situation there. There Tweet can be seen here below.

While this is the case, other services which are remotely using Google cloud services such as Snapchat and Nest are down too. While services like Youtube have only been reported malfunctioning in Eastern US, Snapchat has faced requests time out in parts of Asia as well. Even games like Rocket League and Pokemon Go, which use Google’s services for their signing in etc are affected by the outage. Douglas Starnes, a tech reporter tweets about it below

Finally, discord, the voice and text chat app for gamers is down too. This pretty much sums up almost all of the services Google provides. From Cloud services to their email App, every service, linking google to the rest of the world, especially in Eastern US territories are down. The company has updated the number of services down, as parts of its G Suite, in the G Suite Status Dashboard here.

Via Google

As one can see, all the services marked as Red are down while only Google+ and Google Cloud Search platforms are functional at the moment. While there are no active tweets from the company addressing the issue, they have acknowledged it in the links shared above. They are obviously doing everything in their power to fix the issue and have the services up and running.

Google has a huge bandwidth, so congestion might not be the real reason for the outage. As for now, there are always alternatives.

11:56 PM GMT Update: Most of the services are now back up.

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Google Services Down: G Suite, Gmail Others Reported as not Working in Eastern US

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