Google Scraps Project Campfire, Chromebooks May Not Get Support for Windows 10 Dual Booting

In August last year, the folks over at XDA-Developers spotted a new “Campfire” project for Chrome OS, which was aimed at making it possible for Chromebook users to dual-boot Windows 10. The feature was expected to be the Chromebook equivalent to Apple Boot Camp. However, it now appears that Google has decided to shut down the project.

Campfire Deprecated

Redditor u/crossfrog was the first to spot comments and code removals on Chromium that make it very clear that Project Campfire been deprecated. This means Chromebook owners will not be able to run Windows apps on their devices natively, at least not very soon. The folks at AboutChromebooks note that Project Campfire saw no significant progress after December last year. Between September and December, however, Google added new boot menu options as well as icons for users to select their preferred OS.

Project Campfire Deprecated
Project Campfire Deprecated

While it is no doubt disappointing that Google has decided to discontinue Project Campfire, it doesn’t come as a total surprise. One of the main reasons why dual-booting Windows 10 on a Chromebook would have been a challenge is the lack of high storage space in most Chromebooks. Windows 10 alone would require around 30GB of space, while Chrome OS will need at least 10GB. This makes it nearly impossible to run Windows even on a Chromebook that packs 64GB of internal memory.

Due to the storage limitation, it is possible that the dual-boot “Alt OS” option may have been rolled out only for the Pixelbook. Since the Pixelbook is not exactly a very affordable device, owners would certainly have appreciated the ability to run Windows 10 on the device.

Even though Project Campfire may have been deprecated, there is still some hope. The end of Project Campfire does not mean that Windows 10 dual booting for Chromebooks will never be a reality. It is still possible that Google will come up with a different implementation in the near future.

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Google Scraps Project Campfire, Chromebooks May Not Get Support for Windows 10 Dual Booting

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