Google Routines is Now on its Clock App

The feature was previously available on the Google Home devices

Introduction of new features is the norm nowadays. Companies continue to come up with improvements in order to keep the users engaged. The latest such example is the introduction of the Routines feature on the Google clock app on Android. According to reports, the new feature was rolled out in the latest update by Google for its Clock app.

Google Clock Routines

The new feature rolled out is not something new as Google has borrowed it from its Home devices. However, the company has made small changes to the new feature so that it can fit in the clock app. Through the Routines feature, users can set a list of task that they want to perform. The feature will turn on once the alarm of the clock is turned off.

Once the alarm is turned off, then the clock will run a set of tasks. These tasks can range from the weather forecast to viewing traffic. You can also play the latest news and control the media volume as well with the help of Routines feature. The new feature also has support for the Smart Home devices. Through this, you can brew your coffee or control the lights connected with your Smart Home devices.

With the Routines feature, you can create anything that you want. These routines can then be accessed through the Google Clock app. The update is not available for everyone right now as it is being rolled out in phases. You may need to restart your phone and clear the cache if you cannot see the feature after updating the Google Clock app.

Google has been making significant changes to its Clock app. Recently, the company added YouTube Music and Pandora to its music alarms for the Clock app. Spotify was the first streaming service that partnered with Google Clock for music alarms at the time of the launch.

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