Google Rolls Out Moment Capture Feature with Google Duo Version 69

Google has been working more and more on its proprietary apps. This includes the Google Duo app as well. The app came out a couple of years ago and is a good platform for video calling. The thing with the idea is, almost every messaging app is doing this but the integration and the ability to work with low data speeds takes the cake.

Among other updates, the most notable ones in recent months have been the dark mode for the Google Duo. This was part of the system wide protocol Google is adopting for its Android 10 update. Not to mention, there were other more significant ones as well. These include a low light mode for video calls: a feature useful in darker settings. Even call reminders is a good feature to have.

This time around though, as noted by XDA-Developers, the company has added yet another feature in its version 69 of the app. The feature is called Moment Capture and it is a part of the rolling update. How does it work though and what is its entire purpose.

How does it Work

According to the article, the team at their end manually enabled the feature. This added a new option in the settings menu, allowing users to turn on or off the Moment Capture feature. With the feature enabled, a button appears on the screen, in the shape of a capture button in the camera app. Once activated and in call, users have the option to take a screenshot of the video call.

While this is no way different from a traditional screenshot, it doesn’t make you awkwardly press the power button and the volume up button at the same time. Consequently, it is a bit redundant as well since the extra button on-screen does take up extra real estate.

How the Moment Capture feature works. Source: XDA-Developers

Either way, it is a tiny inclusion to the app and while it may not have much of a use, it does add utility, something Google has mastered. The idea of UX has epitomised when it comes to Google.

Sarmad Burki
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