Google & Qualcomm Collaborate To Introduce the Android GPU Inspector: GPU Updates via PlayStore for Pixel 4 & More!

Qualcomm announced it’s up to date SoC last December. Along with that, the company also announced that they would be updating the supported GPU drivers via the PlayStore. This would be in collaboration with Google of course. The company wanted to focus on gaming too, as it did with its chips, such as the Snapdragon 765G –  the G is for gaming. Well, according to an article from 9to5Google, Google announced, in collaboration with Qualcomm, about some GPU updates focused currently on the Pixel 4 and other devices.

The Android GPU Inspector

Google made the announcement about the Android GPU inspector. It is a development tool, made for mobile game architects to improve functionality and optimization. The idea is to make the games perform well without any hiccups or bottlenecks stopping the hardware from performing at its optimum level. The tool helps in providing information about the render stages and, as quoted in the article, the GPU counter. What this does is that it helps creators to make the game work better with the hardware, reducing frame rate drops and even working at lower power. This would obviously mean better power consumption and battery management.

The quote from the conference reads:

While working with a game partner using the Android GPU Inspector and a Pixel 4 XL powered by Snapdragon, Google was able to discover an optimization opportunity that saved the game 40% in GPU utilization.

These drivers would obviously be updates to the Adreno GPUs. What this platform would allow is that developers would be able to report directly to the chipmaker for improvements in the SoC. The in-house integration of Adreno GPUs and the Qualcomm chips truly aids that. Additionally, this would mean that the chipmaker would be able to push updates for the GPU via the Google PlayStore.

According to the announcement, it is currently working on GPU drivers for SD855 devices. These include devices such as the Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S10 devices. According to them, more devices would be added with time.

Sarmad Burki
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Google & Qualcomm Collaborate To Introduce the Android GPU Inspector: GPU Updates via PlayStore for Pixel 4 & More!

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