Google Puts Flutter Web Support in Beta: Cross Platform Interaction Made Possible

Flutter is an open-source software development tool developed by Google. The kit was initially released back in 2017 but we now see the app come out as a web app in its beta mode. This is quite exciting since nothing like this has been done before. An article by explains the importance of this development.

The article explains why the service was brought on as a web app, by the name of Flutter Web Support, as well. According to the company, they wanted to push in a flawless, uninterrupted experience for developers across all the devices. Therefore, now they just need an internet connection and a browser to work it on. The service was released before, earlier in the year to a certain few individuals for the testing phase. Now though, it is developed enough to be released as a public beta for users to try out. That isn’t to say it would be bug-free but still, a usable rendition.

Flutter Web App


The web app for Flutter comes with a bunch of features that the company advertises without hesitance. These features include the fact that users may use the same code across all their devices. This maintains a continuous workflow. Secondly, there are integrated options to put in mini-apps inside their apps by embedding them.

These may be configuring windows or something like a mini-game, the possibilities are endless. There is also an option to make a lite version of their apps. These are apps that aren’t so rich in features but give the basic ones for all users. These apps are pretty common for low-end devices or for people trying to save some MBs in their data caps. Developers can also make companion apps for their existing ones, to control the backend, etc.


One more thing that is well advertised in the article is the inclusion of all the plugins. This means users will have access to a bunch of libraries such as that of Java Script. Not only that, users may choose to create a plugin of their own to use accordingly. Other libraries are included as well. These are listed below.

The web app holds great potential and Google is set out to make it up to that. Not only have they added excellent support, but, they have also done extensive testing and continue to do so with different browsers. Again, this is still just a beta version and the full one maybe even better. For now, though, they have tried to make an excellent impression with these features and added services. It is perhaps their customer support that will bring them up.

Sarmad Burki
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