Google To Be Pushing New Features Like Sensitivity Control & More Privacy Options to Google Assistant

Google’s personal AI assistant is one of the top ones in the market. Setting some of the industry standards, the system is nearly perfect. Despite that, there have been certain complaints and shortfalls regarding the system. And that is a given when it comes to such a dense system. These issues may be the way we say “Ok Google!” and sometimes it just isn’t that responsive and other times, a little too responsive. Similarly, there are other shortfalls as well.

Well, according to an article posted on XDADevelopers, Google announced a couple of new features that would be coming to the assistant in the current year. These are mainly related to privacy and how well we can interact with the Google Assistant itself.

The New in Google Assistant

There are mainly two new features that were talked about. Firstly, how the “Ok Google!” works. As mentioned above, the feature can sometimes prove to be quite sensitive. It happens that sometimes it is triggered out of nowhere and just causes unwanted nuisance. Google announced that it would be pushing sensitivity controls for the Google Assistant. What this would do is that help you sort of train the AI on how you may say it, how it should wait before listening to the phrase and other software algorithms that may be added to make it better at what it is supposed to do.

Secondly, the focus is on the privacy of the users. We saw last year, a couple of companies were blamed for using user data from voice inputs and other applications for custom ads. The issue was that user consent wasn’t taken into account. While Google will continue to monitor its users’ audio for quality control, it would only do so if you opt for the service. Additionally, by default, the service would be turned off and only if you go into the settings to turn it on, would it push the data for human review.

Sarmad Burki
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Google To Be Pushing New Features Like Sensitivity Control & More Privacy Options to Google Assistant

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