Google Pushes Update To Migrate Events from One Account to the Other With Calendar App on Phones

While Google does keep much of its ecosystem up to date with the Web apps, the calendar app has been falling behind. This has been the case for quite some time now. While the company has made changes to fix certain issues such as duplicating calendar events, there still are features left untouched.

In recent development though, the company has shown the app some love as well. According to an article by the Android Police, Google has pushed a new update to users which would allow shifting events from one calendar to another. Confused? Yes, it is okay.

What could be done on the web app before, it is now possible on the mobile phone applications as well. Perhaps to better explain it, we should tell you what they mean. Many times, users have multiple Google accounts, a personal one and one for work. There are instances where the user may want to shift an event from one calendar to the other due to some reason. On the web app, users could easily migrate the event to the other added accounts.

For the mobile application though, this option was not available and users would have to either go to their PCs or create a duplicate event for the other account. With this new feature, users have to just click to edit the event and on the options inside the edit page, they may choose to move the event. Upon choosing, they would be given the option to choose which account and accordingly they can move it. It is that simple! A detailed screenshot analysis of the process is added below.

How to shift an event from one account to the other: Android Police

As for the update, this is not something you’d get by updating the app. Since it is a server-pushed update, it is being rolled out to users in a random way. The article suggests that clearing the cache for the app may help in getting the update but that is about it.

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Google Pushes Update To Migrate Events from One Account to the Other With Calendar App on Phones

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