Google Pushes Assistant Shortcuts Once Again For Ease of Quick Actions

If you’re familiar with Siri on Apple devices, you would surely know of Shortcuts too. These are small, preset tasks that can be done by one touch of a button. This can be related to Macros on Excel sheets if anyone has tried it before. Samsung has something similar too with its Bixby Routines. Now, Google also introduced something similar for its assistant back in the day. These were the 2017 days where it was still pretty new and basic, the shortcut system. Now though, it seems as if people demand these features. Thus, according to a report from XDA-Developers and Android Police, the company is pushing this feature on to its users.

According to the article, Google is rolling out a new version of the Assistant to Pixel 4 and Pixel 4a devices. The older version of the Assistant, which is on older Pixel devices would also get the new update. With this update, users would get the shortcut system that people enjoy on both Apple and Samsung devices. Google is actually reviving the concept. This is still pretty basic right now though, nothing too complicated. This is perhaps a strategy to get the stock android users acquainted with the system. The article shares a bunch of screenshots which have preset shortcuts which display what users can do with this added functionality. These shortcuts include stuff like starting a new tweet or sharing your location. These are just some of the examples.

Google Assistant Shortcuts – XDA Developers

Users can edit and or create shortcuts as well. Once done, they can see them all listed in the Your Shortcuts tab in the Assistant options. Right now, this is a feature available to only a bunch of users. Not everyone can get this. While we do recommend that you guys can wait, there are alternative apps out there.


Sarmad Burki

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