Google Play Music Will Stop Functioning Completely in December

Time to Transfer Your Music Collection

Google provided today more details about the shut down of its Google Play Music. The company stated that it will replace Google Play Music to YouTube Music by December 2020.

If you still haven’t transferred your music libraries yet to the new platform, then there’s still time for you to do it.

But in the coming months, you can no longer stream from the Google Play Music app. Your playlists, uploads, and purchases can be transferred to YouTube Music until December 2020.

After that time, you can longer access them.

A Transfer Tool to Make Transferring a Lot Easier

In May, Google provided a transfer tool that you can use to transfer your libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. This tool can bring every music and data you have collected in the Google Play Music.

But you must download YouTube Music first. Once you have downloaded and installed into your Android or iOS device, you can start importing your entire library with just a few taps.

The best thing about this tool is that every song and album found in your library will be transferred to the new platform. And yes, it includes the playlists you have created.

The details about every song will also be transferred. And these would include those songs that you have “thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down.” These details will be used to curate recommendations on YouTube Music.

Google built the Play Music in 2011. It allowed users to upload thousands of songs for free so they stream to other devices. For many users, it’s their main way to play their music while using their Google Home smart speakers.

Unfortunately, users neglected it for many years.

Instead of maintaining it, Google chose to build a competing music streaming service, which is YouTube Music. Most users prefer it over Google Play Music. Because of that, Google decided to merge the two apps, which was announced in 2018.

YouTube Music emphasizes on music videos. It’s also designed with modern functionalities. It also mixes all your YouTube active history. That is, you’ll see your liked videos and subscriptions. These have been categorized as music in your collection.

This app is designed to boost Google’s subscription numbers. That’s why it’s only useful for individuals who wish to pay a monthly license fee. But the app will not let you stream your music to your Google Home speakers. If you wish to do that, though, you need to first pay the monthly fee.

Of course, you have the option to just use other platforms, like Apple Music and Spotify. But Google wants you to retain your interest by providing a lot of improvements to YouTube Music.

Google also announced today that it has already included features that will let you create collaborative playlists. It has redesigned the user interface and added the Explore tab.

Currently, YouTube Music is way behind its competitors. Most people are still opting for either Spotify or Apple Music. Currently, Spotify has more than 135 million subscribers while Apple Music has over 60 million paid and trail users. YouTube Music, on the other hand, has 20 million subscribers.


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