Google Play Music To YouTube Music Library Migration Tool Early Access Request Opens Up

Google has now opened up the ability to request early access for migrating Google Play Music library to YouTube Music. The migration tool wasn’t made available for everyone immediately, and is rolling out over the “next few weeks.” Those who need access at the earliest can now avail of the facility. Essentially, Google has opened up an early access request form but not guaranteed availability.

The eagerly awaited YouTube Music migration from Google Play Music that was promised several weeks earlier is finally beginning. Google Play Music will be shut down in the coming months. Ahead of the scheduled termination of the service, Google last week started letting users transition their libraries to YouTube Music. The full rollout of the YouTube Music transfer tool will take several weeks. However, users can now sign-up for early access. The early access request form is no confirmation about the immediate availability of the migration tool. However, it will reportedly offer prioritized access to those users who requested the same.

Users of Google Play Music Get Facility To Request Early Access To One-Step Migration Tool:

Users of the Google Play Music streaming service are starting to see a pop-up dialog in the YouTube Music app that begins the process of moving their songs, albums, playlists, purchases, uploads, personalized tastes, recommendations, and liked and disliked songs over to the service from the soon-to-expire service.

The migration is a one-step process. In other words, it involves tapping “Transfer” within YouTube Music. However, the tool that will grant the ability is yet to be officially launched. Once the tool is rolled out, Play Music and YouTube Music will prompt users to do so. Additionally, Google will also be sending out a detailed email explaining the migration.

Users’ library encompasses a great deal of content, personal preferences, and history. The migration begins with songs and albums in Play Music’s catalog that users have saved by tapping “Add to library.” All Google Play purchases and file uploads are also included. Incidentally, the ‘Cloud Locker’ is Play Music’s defining feature for fans of the service. After songs and purchases, come personal and subscribed playlists, as well as curated stations that are at the heart of Play Music’s approach to discovery. The migration should complete after personal taste preferences and music recommendations as determined by song likes/dislikes and other factors, are assimilated in the new service.

How To Request Early Access To Google Play Music To YouTube Music Migration Tool?

Users can initiate a YouTube Music transfer multiple times. Simply head over to Settings or Once the migration tool is available, users will also be able to move their Play Music’s podcast subscriptions to Google Podcasts.

Google had promised that the transfer tool will take a few weeks to become available for all users. The search giant had added that Play Music is due to shut down later this year. Many users visiting YouTube Music’s transfer page are currently greeted with a message saying the feature isn’t available yet.

Users of the music streaming service can now request early access through this form by entering the email “associated with your Google Play Music Account” and what country you’re in. Strangely the form had an issue with an incorrect country setting, but it is now fixed.

The YouTube Music team includes a warning that indicates not everyone who submit their email address will get early access to the transfer tool:

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form does not guarantee you earlier access to the tool. If the tool is made available to you, you will get a notification in your Google Play Music (or YouTube Music) app as well as your email.

The support page, however, notes that once the tool is available, users will receive an email as well as a notification in their Play Music or YouTube Music app. When that happens, users can head over the page and follow the simple instructions to begin the migration from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.


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