Google Play Movies Giving Away 4K Upgrades, Introduces Price Cuts

4K For Free And More

Google Play Movies is giving away free 4K upgrades. If you like to watch movies at higher resolutions and have a 4K capable display then this is something that you should take advantage of. Not only that, but Google Play Movies will also offer 4K movies at lower prices than before.

The news was announced on the official blog where Google stated that if you bought movies is SD or HD then they will now be upgraded to 4K for no charge. Once the movies are upgraded to 4K you will get a notification the next time you open the app.

Talking about the price cuts for 4K movies. They used to cost $30. Now you will notice that they cost $20 or under. This is a great initiative and I think that this will bring more people to the platform. 1080p might be the most adopted resolution right now but with 4K displays getting cheaper, I can see 4K adoption increasing over the next year or so.

Google Play Movies
Google Play Movies Source: Google

Google will keep on partnering with TV makers like Samsung, Vizio, LG and Sony in order to keep the app updated and bring better experiences to the bigger screens. The following is what Google had to say in this regard:

We think watching in 4K should be a no brainer, so we’re continuously working to make that a reality. With Google Play, it’s now easier than ever for you to watch movies in the best quality possible, no matter which device you’re using. And it doesn’t stop here, we’ll continue to make improvements so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite movies, whenever and wherever.

One of the drawbacks that I can think of is the fast internet requirement. You might have the money to buy a 4K TV and you might have a few movies in your library that have been upgraded to 4K for free but you still need a fast internet connection. The requirement for 4K streaming according to Google is 15 megabits per second. While faster internet is becoming more accessible, there are still plenty of people out there, who live in areas with slow internet service providers.

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